GO GREEN AT WORK: 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Pet Boarding Facility Eco-Friendly

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Americans spent nearly $69.5 billion on their pets in 2017. With almost 80 million homes housing a four-legged, furry or feathered family member, it’s no surprise that the pet service industry (grooming & boarding) raked in an estimated $5.73 billion dollars in 2016. As pets become more human and integral parts of the family, paw-rents are going to be seeking eco-conscious pet boarding facilities.

Here are 3 tips to keep your pet boarding facility eco-friendly and your pets and their paw-rents happy.

Turn Off Unnecessary Lights

No, we don’t want you to leave your pet guests in the dark but there’s no reason why you need to leave office lights on when the room isn’t in use. 45 LED lights left on while you’re gone can add up to an extra $180 on your electricity bill. Remind your employees to turn off the lights when they leave a common area and turn off unnecessary lights when closing up shop for the evening.

Use “Green” Cleaning Products

Did you know that many of your favorite home-cleaning products are actually harmful to pets?

When paw-rents drop their pets off with you they’re trusting you with one of their most precious family members. Many chemical cleaning agents contain formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol), and bleach. Fortunately, there are several pet-friendly cleaning products. Figo Pet Insurance has a great list of cleaning products safe for pets and environmentally friendly.

Invest in Kinn Kleanbowls

Did you know that washing pet bowls by hand can waste up to 27 gallons of water and use 2.5k Wh of electricity? Additionally, using recyclable bowls can reduce 43% of greenhouse gas emissions. Kleanbowls significantly reduce cleaning time and resources which help save money and the planet. You can order a test kit and see for yourself the incredible benefits of investing in Kleanbowls.

Love Pets, Love the Planet

Going green may not happen overnight but with small, conscious efforts you can help us create a world where we all are committed to living a little better. Shop Kinn Kleanbowl refills or try our Deluxe Test Kit today.