How to Prepare First Time Paw-Rents for Boarding (Updated for 2023)

As a first-time paw-rent, it can be daunting to leave your furry friend behind when going on vacation or leaving for an extended period. However, with proper preparation and a reliable boarding facility, you can ensure your pet’s safety and comfort during your absence. In this blog post, we will share some updated tips on […]

Why Pay Transparency Is A Good Business Practice For Your Pet Care Business And How To Approach It

As a pet care business owner, one of your primary concerns is ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of your employees. One way to do this is through pay transparency. Pay transparency means that all employees understand the salary and compensation structure of the business, including how much their coworkers make. In this blog post, we […]

The “How To” Series Pt. 6: How to Develop Career Paths for Your Staff (Updated for 2023)

Your staff is the magic oil that makes your machine (your pet care business) run smoothly day in and day out. Staff members have been carefully chosen to help you achieve your goals and objectives. And some of your staff members have even become like family. So why would you want to develop a career […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pet Care Business

Ok, so it’s not quite Spring yet, but we’ve got a little bit of cabin fever and we’re already dreaming of warmer weather and blooming blossoms. Spring is the perfect time to freshen up and get rid of all the clutter and grime that has accumulated over the winter. Or, let’s be real, the last […]

How to Grow Your Social Following in 2023

Growing your social following can be a challenging task. Especially with the way the algorithms are set up today. It’s almost anyone’s guess and it feels like you have to be young, pretty, and dancing to gain any kind of viral-ability. Despite the seemingly high barriers of entry to social, it is an important part […]

The “How To” Series Pt. 2: How to Attract and Retain Loyal Customers (Updated for 2023)

In today’s market, consumers have nearly endless options, which makes it a pretty incredible feat when they decide to choose you! But it’s not just about getting new customers, it’s about keeping them. Did you know that most businesses say it costs them about 70% more to acquire a new customer than it is to […]

GO GREEN AT WORK: 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Pet Boarding Facility Eco-Friendly (Updated for 2023)

It’s been a few years since we’ve talked about how to go green at work and since then, a whole lot has changed. In 2017, according to the American Pet Products Associate (APPA), Americans spent nearly $69.5 billion on their pets. Today, that number has ballooned to a whopping $124 billion. Which, unless you’ve been […]

4 New Year’s Resolutions We Are Aiming For in 2023

Resolutions can feel like a big commitment. But positive changes are good and we are looking forward to making some new, positive strives in 2023. While resolutions usually revolve around things like losing weight or ditching unhealthy habits, this year we’d like to suggest some resolutions that are a bit more sustainable. If you’re looking […]

6 Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas for Your Staff this Holiday Season

Finding the best gifts for your staff can feel overwhelming. What gift could possibly express your gratitude properly? While we don’t have the exact answer, (trust us, we know the feeling) we do have some pretty awesome out-of-the-box ideas your staff will love this holiday season. Remember, the gift isn’t about the dollar amount but […]

Fun Halloween Ideas for Your Pet Care Service and Your Staff

It’s finally spooky season and that means ghouls and ghosts galore! While you may be too old to trick or treat, the spirit of Halloween lives inside all of us! So of course you and your staff want to celebrate Halloween any and every where you can. From horror movie trivia to your own adult […]

How to Make the Most of Your Pet Training Sessions

As a professional pet trainer, maximizing your efficiency and training effectiveness will ensure both your success and happy clients. Even if you’ve been in business for a while, it never hurts to refresh on how to make the most of your pet training sessions. Check out these 4 ways to make the most of your […]

Your Pet-Friendly Event Checklist: 4 Things You Need to Have for Your Next Pet-Friendly Event

With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s almost outdoor event season! Dog-friendly events are always so much fun but come with a lot of necessary planning to ensure maximum success. For a barkin’ good time, you need to have these 4 things on your event checklist.   Snacks Barkcuterie boards are a cute and trendy […]