As pet lovers, you, your pets, your friends/family, and/or your pet care business will enjoy the exclusive benefits of The Kinn Pack, an affiliate program powered by the Kinn Kleanbowl which provides you better outcomes with pets, people, planet, and profits.

BENEFITS: Saves you money every day, healthier pets, healthier planet and 5-10% Commissions. Getting started is EASY, QUICK, and REWARDING.

1) SAVE YOUR TIME = SAVE YOUR MONEY by using Kleanbowl’s wipe-clean frame and recycling or composting Kinn Kleanbowl sugar cane fiber Nourish-Pet Refills instead of washing standard pet bowls:

  • DISCOVER Kleanbowl financial savings of up to 40% and sustainability benefits at our Pillars of Sustainability page or Client Resources page.
  • PURCHASE Kleanbowls at kinninc.com risk-free, which are backed by a 90-day guarantee
  • WRITE a product review on kinninc.com

2) ENROLL now at this link or the button above. The Kinn Pack enjoys 5-10% COMMISSIONS:

  • UPLOAD Affiliate Ads on your website, and begin to earn 5% commissions on orders originating from your site
  • After referring at least one sale of $20+, you are now an Introductory level member (1-5 referrals)
  • Commission payments are quarterly through PayPal or annually by check on or before January 30, April 30, July 30, and October 30

3) Want to UPGRADE to earn even more COMMISSIONS and BONUS OFFERS? It’s EASY

  • SILVER: Earn a 6% commission level when you refer 6-10 sales and a minimum of $700 in total sales
  • GOLD: Earn a 8% commission level when you refer 11-15 sales and a minimum of $1500 in total sales
  • PLATINUM: Earn a 10% commission level when you refer 16+ sales and a minimum of $2000 in sales
  • BONUS: Refer our PACK program to others, and when they sign up and become a PACK affiliate partner, you will receive 1% of their Kinn affiliate sales.

4) Helpful Affiliate Program MARKETING TOOLS:

5) Additional benefits of The Kinn Pack™ Affiliate Program:

  • Automated program to save you and everyone time and money
  • No annual commitments or membership re-qualifying requirements from year to year
  • Peace of mind: your referees will enjoy the benefits of better outcomes with pets, people, planets, and profits

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For questions on The Kinn Pack Affiliate Program, please contact our Marketing Department at [email protected] or 980-272-6464 9:00am-5:00pm EST. Please refer to The Kinn Pack in the subject line of an email and mention The Kinn Pack if you need to leave a voicemail.

Healthier Pets Create Stronger Bonds. Kinn Kleanbowl.