Kinn Inc & OPARC are working together to transform local communities and provide one-of-a-kind opportunities to adults with intellectual disabilities. Together we are helping to make a happier, healthier, and safer planet for people and pets.

Together, OPARC and Kinn have created 30+ jobs each year since 2014 for adults with intellectual disabilities. What we loved about OPARC was that they didn’t just see us as another customer but as a partner in their mission. Learn more about Kinn and OPARC’s mission to create interesting challenges and unique opportunities for people with disabilities.


The OPARC mission is to support, employ, and transform the lives of people with disabilities.

TIMMY has been with OPARC for over
21 years, Timmy never stops develop-
ing work skills and relationships.Timmy enjoys working in OPARC’s
Work Activity Program where partici-
pants receive vocational training and
skills, speech therapy, paid work ex-
perience, and individual case manage-
ment services. He currently works in
general assembly and packaging and
loves his job.
JUSTIN participates in the OPARC
Explore program. During the hiatus of
usual programs due to COVID, he re-
quested to purchase a tablet for himself
so he could join in the OPARC group
Zoom calls.There has been an incredibly positive
shift in his engagement. “During the
time he has been at home, his commu-
nication skills, as well as his confidence
with speaking and engaging, have sky-
rocketed.” He has greater confidence
and giving more detailed answers than
ever before. These skills will serve him
well with future employment.
WILLIAM joined OPARC in 2018 and
attended every job prep class and
meeting with his Job Developer at
OPARC.In 2019, a Paid Internship Program (PIP)
was developed for him at Nestle, where
he started a paid internship in August,
2019. Three months later William was
hired directly by Nestle and he remains
competitively employed there to this
day. His primary job duty is centered
on data entry. His supervisors at Nes-
tle speak very highly of William and his
work ethic.
Kinn and OPARC