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Pets: Our Extended Family

Here at Kinn, we firmly stand by the belief that pets aren’t just pets; they’re family. We’ve created a unique pet bowl that signals the end of washing your pet’s dishes forever. Each bowl is 100% germ
and bacteria-free. So your furry friend gets a 100% clean bowl for every meal and water change.
Make the smart, earth-friendly choice with Kinn Kleanbowl.

Completely Germ and Bacteria-Free

Our Nourish-Pet Refills offer unparalleled hygiene, assuring 100% elimination of germs, viruses, and
bacteria. Even the faintest whiff of bacteria or germs can discourage your pets from getting the nutrition
and hydration they need; with Kleanbowl, we’ve made sure there’s no chance of that germs, bacteria,
or cross-contamination from previous use.

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Say Goodbye to Germs
and Bacteria

Nourish-Pet Refills are 100% germ, virus, and bacteria-free. Germs and bacteria can be smelled by pets and can prevent adequate nutrition and hydration.

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Bid Farewell to

Say hello to a future free from dishwashing; a simple swipe of a pet-safe sanitizing wipe over the stainless-steel frame is all the cleaning you need to do.

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Add Up to Four Happy,
Healthy Years

Switching out refills daily for water and after each meal not only keeps things fresh but also banishes plaque
bacteria, encouraging optimal
nutrition, hydration, and oral health.

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Boost Water Consumption

Drinking more water rinses away
plaque before it hardens on tooth
enamel and reduces inflammation
and damage to organs.

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A Boost in Nutrition

With a clean bowl at every
mealtime, pets are more likely
to finish their food, making the
most out of the nutrition provided
at home or on the road.

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Eco-Friendly Approach

Choosing to recycle and compost is a step above washing dishes. By recycling in the paper stream, conserving energy, and reducing you are creating LESS WASTE, greenhouse gas emissions.

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Good for People. Better for Pets.

How to Use

Germ-resistant Stainless Steel Frame is placed ON TOP of the Biodegradable Nourish-Pet Refill
to give you a 100% Germ-free Pet Bowl for Food & Water.
The frame holds the refill in place with an anti-skid rubber ring.


Living Green

Reduce electricity, water, waste, and greenhouse gases by recycling sugar cane fiber,
a renewable by-product, in the paper stream.

  • Made from 100% recyclable and/or compostable sugarcane byproduct.
  • Healthier Planet. Reduce electricity, water, waste, and greenhouse gases by recycling Nourish-Pet Refills.
  • Stainless Steel goes ON TOP of sugar cane Refill.
  • Ensures proper hydration and reduction of oral plaque. Nourish-Pet Refills eliminate all germs, so pets eat and drink germ-free food and water.
  • Wipe the stainless steel frame clean and recycle the Nourish-Pet Refill.
Recycling Kinn Kleanbow refills reduces Green House Gasses, Electricity, and water
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Kleanbowl Starter Kits

Starter Kits include 2 stainless steel frames
+ 50 Refills. Available in 4 sizes:
8oz., 16oz, 24oz, 32oz.

SAVE between 11-15% vs. purchasing a 2-pack Kleanbowl and 50-pack Refills separately.

Pets smell a plaque/germ-free bowl; EAT all their food, DRINK more water, and RINSE away more plaque.

Sizing Made Easy

There are four sizes of Kinn Kleanbowl to choose from… select size based on your pet size.
8oz / 1 cup – Best for pets 3lbs-10lbs. Small dogs, cats, bunnies, reptiles, etc.
24oz / 3 cups – Best for pets 30lbs-45lbs
16oz / 2 cups – Best for pets 10lbs-30lbs
32oz / 4 cups – Best for pets 45lbs+

Dog size and bowl size

Pet Professional Care At Home

See what pet professionals and pet parents alike are saying about Kleanbowl.

“My 65 pound lab definitely prefers the Kleanbowl to any other type of bowl. I find it incredibly
easy to use and absolutely love it for traveling in our motorhome or when staying in a hotel.
It’s so much easier than trying to clean out the bowl in a tiny sink each day and I feel good
knowing it can be recycled. Huge timesaver for me and Ranger is happy too!”

Robin B. – Peyton, CO

Kinn Kleanbowl Challenge Proves
Pets Love Clean Bowls

Cat Image video

Your pet’s trusted pet bowl has been with them through thick and thin but what happens when a Kleanbowl is introduced? Watch as pets prove their LOVE for the smell of a germ-free bowl.

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Frequently Asked Questions + Answer

Pets have an incredible sense of smell. In fact, they can smell 10,000 to 100,000 times more scents than humans. While your dishes may look and smell clean to you, to your pet it may still smell dirty which deters them from drinking enough water or eating enough food
At Kinn, we’re pet people too and we’ve seen our pets do some seriously questionable things. However, oral pet health is one of the top indicators of longevity and overall pet health. When pets can smell a clean bowl, they are more inclined to drink more water more frequently which prevents plaque and bacteria hardening onto their teeth.
Yes! During the sugarcane manufacturing process, a ton of byproduct is created. This byproduct would otherwise go to waste but instead Kinn uses it to create pet safe food and water bowls. Additionally, paper plates cannot hold water without leaking and pets often times will flip over paper plates and bowls causing spills and messes.
Did you know that home dishwashers do NOT get hot enough to kill many germs including salmonella and some viruses like the stomach flu? Cleaning chemicals SEPARATE from dishwashers and some cleaning chemicals leave a smell that can deter pets from drinking or eating out of their bowl.
Unfortunately, no. The reason water fountains don’t work is that dogs and cats drink out of them initially whereby bacteria fall off their tongue and is recirculated throughout the water fountain. However, the filters that water fountains have do NOT kill or remove these bacteria, they simply recirculate the bacteria back through the water fountain. These bacteria can be smelled by dogs and cats which can deter them from drinking. That’s why we have some http://KleanbowlChallenge.com videos where pets choose the Kleanbowl over water fountains as they can smell that Kleanbowls are 100% free of germs (i.e. bacteria and viruses)
Kleanbowl savings over the life of your pet are significant. Improved oral health prevents costly dental disease treatments and unplanned vet visits. Because you no longer have to spend each day washing your pet’s bowls you can save money on water, energy, soap, and time.
Kinn Inc & OPARC are working together to transform local communities and provide one-of-a-kind opportunities to people with disabilities. Together we are helping to make a happier, healthier, and safer planet for people and pets.
Pet Sustainability Coalition’s mission is to advance business through profitable environmental and social practices. Kinn is proud of the Case Study Pet Sustainability Coalition did in conjunction with Sterling Consulting which found that recycling Kinn Kleanbowl’s sugar cane fiber refills in the paper stream creates LESS WASTE than washing ordinary bowls by saving greenhouse gases, energy, water, and serves as a replacement for virgin paper materials. All members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition receive special discounts on Kinn’s products year-round.
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