Kleanbowl Challenge How-to

What is the Kleanbowl Challenge?

Pet parents fill both the Kinn Kleanbowl as well as their pet’s regular bowl with the same food or water, place the two side by side and let their pet choose which to eat or drink out of! Kleanbowl Challenge pets are not incentivized or influenced to select the Kinn Kleanbowl.

KleanBowl Challenge Video
KleanBowl Challenge Video

Why would a pet prefer Kleanbowl vs. their ordinary bowl?

The average pet bowl has over 1,000,000 dangerous germs. Dishwashers do not get hot enough to kill all germs, and paper food trays spread germs. Pets can smell that Kleanbowl is germ-free. Germs can make pets sick and take up to 4 years off their life.

Why should I participate?

Receive a free 50-pack of Nourish-Pet Kleanbowl refills, be entered to win a collection of Kinn products (your choice) worth up to $100, and your pet will be a famous video star on the Kinn YouTube, Facebook and Twitter page

How do I participate?

To participate in the Kleanbowl Challenge simply purchase a Kleanbowl, take a video of your pet taking the challenge, and submit to us via email: Send Here

About the Kleanbowl

The Kleanbowl brings pet parents peace of mind with its germ-resistant stainless steel frame which makes the biodegradable Nourish-Pet refills spill-proof with its anti-skid base. 100% germ-free pet bowl for food and water, Kleanbowl is the healthier pet bowl, and is preferred by pets and their people.

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KleanBowl Challenge Video
KleanBowl Challenge Video