Kinn Kleanbowl can  help reduce labor time.

Improve Your Bottom Line with Kinn Kleanbowl

Whether you’re a boarding or board & train facility you know that the cost of labor and time spent cleaning bowls can cost you a significant amount of money in overtime.

Kleanbowl eliminates the need to wash stainless steel pet bowls so you can get back to what’s important – spending time with pet guests.

Start today to generate additional profitable revenue by repurposing time from washing dishes to more pet care and by charging a premium for germ-free Kinn Kleanbowl. Download our worksheet to see for yourself.

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Health Advantages

In the world of pet care, health and well being take center stage. The advantages of using our Kleanbowl system are manifold, with benefits for the pets, staff, trainers, and even the pet parents. Kleanbowl is designed not just as a tool, but as a comprehensive solution to enhance your pet care facility’s efficiency while prioritizing animal health. Here are some key health advantages of implementing
Kleanbowl in your establishment:

  • Minimize stress
  • Boost hydration
  • Maximize food nutrition
  • Prevent cross-contamination of water and food

With Kleanbowl, pets, staff, and trainers can focus more on rectifying unwanted behaviors. The foolproof zero-cross-contamination design instills confidence and peace in pet parents, knowing their beloved pet is safe and healthy under your supervision. Especially for Board & Train programs, consistent training is key. Kleanbowl aids in keeping pets healthy, ensuring their progress remains on course.

How Much Will Your Business Save?

Profit Advantages

Think about this: you could cut your bowl-cleaning labor time by a whopping 80%, significantly reduce labor and material costs, and even convert those empty boarding enclosures into profitable spaces. With Kleanbowl, you not only get to focus more on pet care rather than washing up, but you also have the opportunity to instantly view your potential savings and sustainability improvements on KleanbowlEstimator.com. It’s a simple change that can help you enhance your services, like daycare and grooming, increase staff morale, and improve retention by bidding farewell to the chore of endlessly washing pet bowls. It’s a win-win for everyone!

  • Decrease bowl-cleaning labor time by 80%
  • Slash labor/material costs by 20%-40%
  • Turn vacant boarding enclosures into revenue
  • Boost employee retention through less washing and more pet care

Discover your guaranteed savings & sustainability improvements at KleanbowlEstimator.com instantly. The saved labor time can be swiftly redirected to expand other pet care services like daycare, grooming, or oth- er rehabilitation programs. Increase employee morale and staff retention by eliminating the arduous task of washing countless pet food and water bowls daily.

Reduce Hours by Reducing Dirty Dishes

Go from washing 12 ordinary bowls to sanitizing 2 Kleanbowl frames during an average 4-day pet stay.

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Increase Your Profit in 3 ways

Start today to generate additional profitable revenue by repurposing time from washing dishes to more pet care and by charging a premium for germ-free Kinn Kleanbowl.

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Pet Pros Favorite System

Kinn Kleanbowl is an innovative 2-part system designed for simplicity and efficiency. It starts with assigning a sturdy frame to each pet’s enclosure, ready to hold the refillable bowls filled with food or water. The magic lies in its low maintenance – a quick wipe to clean the frame as needed, recycling the used refills, and a sim- ple sanitizing of the frame when a pet’s stay concludes – all part of a day’s work made easier and more effi- cient with Kinn Kleanbowl.

Pet Pros Favorite System

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