The Stronger Bond Interview Series

Our Stronger Bond Interview Series is an informative and in-depth series exploring the incredible ways Kleanbowl has helped eliminate pet care service providers pain points.

Sit down with us as we interview other pet care professionals and listen to their transformative experiences with Kinn Kleanbowl. Listen firsthand to the relief Kinn Kleanbowl has brought to these pet care facilities. It’s more than just a pet bowl, it’s a new way of caring for your pet guests.

ABC Pet Resort & Spa

Jennifer Wolf-Pierson shares how ABC Pet Resort & Spa were able to eliminate their overtime issue, eliminate the need for washing dishes, and how easy it was to switch to Kleanbowl. Learn how they redefined their culture to create a culture of success!

DogBoy’s Dog Ranch

DogBoy’s Dog Ranch was washing 100-200 metal bowls everyday. After developing a close relationship with the dishwasher repair company, they knew they needed to try something new. After switching to Kleanbowl they discovered so much more than just savings.

Fieldstone Animal Inn

Cyndi Krebs of Fieldstone Animal Inn and their staff felt like they were spending more time washing dishes than they were with pet guests. Kleanbowl helped Fieldstone Animal Inn recoup any shortages due to Covid by saving time and money. Learn more in this video!

Central Bark Philly

Running out of bowls and losing time to dish washing, Central Bark wanted an eco-friendly alternative to tra- ditional bowls. Once switching to Kleanbowl, learn how their struggles with multiple pain points was completely relieved or entirely eliminated.

Five Points Pet Resort

Interested in learning ways to improve your pet boarding business? Learn how Five Points Pet Resort achieved sustainably better outcomes. An in-depth interview with as to how and why staff and pet guests love the health, time-saving, and environmental benefits of Kleanbowl.

Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel

Want to learn about healthier ways to board dogs? Learn how Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel differentiates its business. A short overview as to why the owner, staff, and dogs both love and benefit from the environmentally-friendly, healthier, and time saving ways Kinn Kleanbowl makes boarding more successful.

The Innovation Mindset

The Kinn team developed the Innovation Mindset to help you choose to become happier and more success- ful in pet care services. This overview takes you through the 10 Essentials of the Innovation Mindset. We ex- plain how and why the essentials work, as well as share pet care service success stories.

How to Become an Innovator in Pet Care Services

Set your pet care service apart from your competition by becoming an Innovator. In this video you’ll learn what it takes to become an innovator, how to network, and how to tap into your unlimited idea source. The Innovation Mindset curriculum has helped pet care service providers since 2020. Cultivate your innova- tion mindset right now!

Kinn Kleanbowl for Training

Residency Training aka Board & Train and Kleanbowl just make sense. Use Kleanbow in conjunction with your training Board & Train programs to create a culture of success. Kleanbowl can be used to administer positive reinforcement tools like treats or use for water during the Board & Train programs.

A Closer Bond Uses Kinn Kleanbowl for Training (aka Board & Train)

Want to learn more about Residency Training aka Board and Train for dogs? Watch this short video and learn why staff and dogs both love and benefit from Board and Train and Kinn Kleanbowl.

Fieldstone Animal Inn’s Secret Weapon for Enrichment Dog Training

Want to learn a better way to do enrichment dog training? Learn new exercises you can implement with Kinn Kleanbowl to take your enrichment dog training to the next level of engagement, while saving the trainer time and making their job easier in an environmentally friendly manner.

Start today to generate additional profitable revenue by repurposing time from washing dishes to more pet care and by charging a premium for germ-free Kinn Kleanbowl.


Pet Care Services Facility Budget Worksheet for Cleaning Bowls for Lodging

Kinn Kleanbowl + Nourish-Pet Refills:

  • Send Labor Costs Savings to Profits
  • Re-Deploy Saved Labor Time to More Service Revenue
  • Kleanbowl vs. Ordinary Stainless Steel Bowls

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