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  • Less stress
  • Enhanced hydration,
  • Better food nutrition
  • No cross-contamination with water and food

With Kleanbowl pets, staff, and trainers can spend more time working together to rehabilitate poor behavior. With zero-opportunity for cross-contamination, pet parents can feel a sense of confidence and relief that their pet is safe and healthy in your care. With Board & Train programs, it is essential that training stays on track. Kleanbowl ensures that pets are healthy and on target for completing their program.


  • Reduces labor time cleaning bowls by 80%
  • Reduce labor/material costs 20%-40%
  • Fills up empty boarding enclosures to grow revenue
  • Improves employee retention by less washing and more pet care

Instantly see your guaranteed savings & sustainability im- provements at KleanbowlEstimator.com. Labor time savings can be immediately re-invested to grow other pet care ser- vices such as daycare, grooming, or other rehabilitation pro- grams. Enjoy improved employee morale and staff retention when you remove the painstaking task of having to wash doz- ens and dozens of pet food and water bowls daily.

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Why it works
• Reduces Labor Hours Spent Bowl Washing by 80% for Lodging – 70 hours per month saved for 40 occupied enclosures
• Labor Cost Savings – Reduce pet bowl cleaning labor and material costs 20-40%
• More Care Revenue – Use saved cleaning time to generate thousands of dollars of revenue per year
• Better Staff Engagement – Employees love Kleanbowl which improves retention and cost savings
• Better Sanitation vs. Washing – Reduces cross-contamination risk between humans and pets

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Assign. Reduce. Recycle.
Assign. reduce. Recycle.
Healthier Pets
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Healthier Profits

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