Rising labor costs, short staff, and an increase in the cost of goods and materials as well as overtime costs leave many pet care services businesses feeling hopeless. By swapping out 12 traditional stainless steel bowls for 2 standard stainless steel frames and Kleanbowl Nourish-Pet Refills, a typical Kinn client pet resort no longer has to stress about overtime or staff shortages.

After 1 month, a typical Kinn client pet resort notices a 40% savings in total labor and material costs for food and water bowls’ cleanings. Additionally, they are able to repurpose 80% of their staff time to spend on more pet care rather than on dishes.

On average, this generates them $21 in extra profit per enclosure per month or $252 extra per year. To cover the initial cost of switching over to Kleanbowl, a typical Kinn client can charge $1 extra a day per pet guest stay, generating an additional $30 a month per enclosure.

Increase Annual Profits with Kleanbowl


How to Become a Pet Care Hero

A pet care hero is someone who can make an ordinary experience an extraordinary one. This year get ready to transform into a pet care hero with the help of Kinn Kleanbowl. Listen to what our clients have to say about how Kleanbowl changed their lives.

$52 Kleanbowl Investment > Up to $1,220+ Annual Profit

Start today to generate additional profitable revenue by repurposing time from washing dishes to more pet care and by charging a premium for germ-free Kinn Kleanbowl.


Pet Care Services Facility Budget Worksheet for Cleaning Bowls for Lodging
Kinn Kleanbowl + Nourish-Pet Refills:

  • Send Labor Costs Savings to Profits
  • Re-Deploy Saved Labor Time to More Service Revenue
  • Kleanbowl vs. Ordinary Stainless Steel Bowls

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