Top Halloween Costumes for Your Pet This Year (2022)

Ask anyone what their favorite parts of celebrating Halloween and we’d be willing to pet that most people love dressing up their pet or seeing their friend’s pets dressed up. Halloween costumes for pets range from your classic hot dog to your favorite toppings and condiments. This year, don’t let your cat, dog, guinea pig, […]

4 Fun Fall Activities To Do With Your Pet

There’s a cool crispness in the air and you know what that means? Fall is just around the corner. We’re sad to say goodbye to summer. But we’re ready to embrace all that is Fall. Pumpkin patches, cozy nights, apple cider, Halloween, changing leaves, we could go on and on. And you know what? We […]

4 Fall Human Foods Your Dog Will Love

Ah, the flavors of Fall. Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, fresh orchard apples, all evoke warm feelings of cozy nights by the fire and afternoons spent in the falling sunshine. Sharing Fall with our pets are some of our favorite memories. But we wish we could share some of our favorite Fall dishes with them too. Did […]

Bucket List Ideas to Do With Your Pet

Life is so much better with a pet! Sadly, they don’t live as long as we do and so it’s important that we make the short time we do have with our pet that much more memorable. Even though dogs do love routine and cats may be a bit standoffish, a little fun never hurt […]

3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

This summer the heat has been no joke. With regions all over the United States experiencing extreme heats, we had to find creative ways to stay cool. From the obvious like staying inside to unique solutions like cooling mats, these are our favorite ways to stay cool for the remaining days of summer. Because let’s […]

4 Tips to Help Keep Your Dog Safe From Fleas And Ticks

Fleas and ticks impact even the cleanest pets. Fleas and ticks exist year round but are more commonly found in the spring and summer months. There are about 2000 species of fleas and ticks that we know of. A female flea can consume 15 times its body weight (in the blood) on a daily basis […]

Must Have Apps for Travel with Pets

Traveling with your pet is one of the greatest joys in the world! Being able to see sights, sounds and so much more with your pet is sure to make so many happy memories. But sometimes traveling with your pet can be difficult. Many cities are not pet friendly, certain airlines have breed restrictions, and […]

Are Essential Oils Safe for Your Pet? 5 Essential Oils That Are Pet Safe

Essential oils have always been popular but they’re making a strong resurgence thanks to unique and intriguing diffusers that almost look like beautiful sculptures. However, not all essentials are safe for pets. Diffusing toxic essential oils into the air can have harmful effects on your pet over both the short and longterm. These are 5 […]

5 Ways to Tell if It’s Too Hot for Your Pet to Be Outdoors

The dog days of summer are approaching and it’s important to keep your pets cool during the higher temp months. While you may be able to handle the hotter temps, your pet will not fare well. Even on seemingly “cooler” days in the summer it still may be too hot for your pet. Whether you’re […]

National Pet Month: 5 Famous Pets of History

Pets have such a special place in our hearts but did you know there are some pets who hold a special place in history? May is National Pet Month and this month we are taking a look at some of history’s most famous pets! From the Queen’s corgis to Smoky the Yorkie, these are the […]

5 Rainy Day Essentials for Your Walk

April showers bring May flowers but they sure make for some wet pets and pet parents. Even if you have a backyard for your pet to relieve themselves, it’s still best to take your dog on a walk at least 1x a day. Walks are both physically and mentally stimulating for dogs. Sniffing allows them […]

5 Fun Indoor Ideas to Keep Your Dog Engaged During Bad Weather

Are winter blues getting to you? You’re not alone. If you and your pet are normally lively and active but have been lethargic and blue lately, it could be seasonal depression. Seasonal depression can affect how you feel both physically and mentally– for both you and your pup. Recent studies have shown that pets can […]