Seasonal Allergies in Pets: Signs and Solutions

As fall approaches, the beauty of changing leaves and cooler temperatures also brings with it the challenge of seasonal allergies, not just for humans but also for our furry friends. While these allergies in pets can often go unnoticed, they can be just as uncomfortable for them as they are for us. In this blog […]

Dog Training Tips for the Last Days of Summer

The slow dance of summer days, with their unhurried routines and sun-drenched moments, is drawing to a close. As we bid goodbye to the relaxed summer vibe, our canine companions, too, may feel the shift. Seasonal transitions can be tricky, requiring adaptability not just for humans but for our four-legged friends as well. Let’s dive […]

Away from Home: How Pet Sitters Can Provide the Best Summer Care

Summer vacations spell joy for families but can often leave pets in a temporary lurch. With August being a peak travel month, pet sitters become the unsung heroes, ensuring our furry friends are cared for while their families are away. If you’re an aspiring pet sitter or you run a pet-sitting company aiming to set […]

No Summer Scorch: A Guide for Every Pet Lover

Ah, summer. It comes adorned with golden rays, the thrill of outdoor activities, and shimmering heat waves. However, while we bask in its joys, it’s essential to recognize the hidden challenges it poses for our beloved four-legged friends, especially the threat of heat stroke.   1. Reading Between the Lines: Recognizing Heat Stroke Symptoms Detail […]

Beat the Heat: Essential Summer Grooming Tips for Dogs

As the scorching days of summer roll in, grooming isn’t merely a matter of aesthetics—it’s pivotal to our dogs’ comfort and health. With pet care ever-evolving and the trend towards holistic treatments gaining momentum, here’s how you can ensure your furry companion remains at the zenith of well-being this season. 1. The Right Trim: Less […]

The Dog Days of Summer: Ensuring Proper Hydration for Pets

Summer may be winding down but those temperatures are staying steady. We’re finally in the dog days of summer with its blazing sun and long, languid days. The radiant summer days can be challenging for our four-legged companions. Let’s delve into the importance of pet hydration and learn how we can ensure their well-being during […]

Best Practices for Sanitation in Your Pet Care Facility

Keeping your pet care facility clean and healthy is paramount in the face of evolving threats like kennel cough, canine influenza, and other potential respiratory diseases that can affect both pets and people. As we forge ahead into 2023 and beyond, here are some best practices for sanitation to maintain the highest level of health […]

Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Facility

Maintaining a clean, healthy facility is more than just a necessity – it’s your commitment to every tail wag and purr you cater to. Here are our top tips for nurturing an impeccable environment that keeps your pet guests healthy and happy throughout their stay with you. The Future is Here: UV-C Sanitation Introduce UV-C […]

Reducing Anxiety in Pets at Your Facility: Summer 2023 Guide

Summer is a care-free, easy breezy time for us people but summertime for pets comes with a lot of potential stressors that could impact our pets. Loud noises from fireworks, high heat, and other environmental changes can trigger anxiety in pets. So, how can you create a tranquil, reassuring environment for pets at your facility? […]

5 Future-Proof Ways to Implement Sustainability into Your Pet Care Business

At Kinn Inc., we understand that running a pet care facility is no small feat, especially when you’re committed to merging the best of pet care with green practices. Today we are sharing our insights on future-proof strategies that can help you transform your pet care facility into an environmentally friendly haven for our furry […]

Understanding Animal Behavior: Essential Knowledge for Dog Walkers

Every dog has its day, and as a dog walker, you’re instrumental in ensuring that day goes smoothly. But to provide the best care, it’s crucial to comprehend the fundamentals of animal behavior. An understanding of dog behavior doesn’t just make your job easier—it keeps you and the dogs you care for safer and happier. […]

Summer Pet Care Tips for 2023: Ensuring Safety and Comfort for your Furry Friends

Summer is just around the corner! June 21st is the official start of the summer season. As summer approaches and temperatures rise, it’s essential to consider the well-being of your pet. Pets, just like humans, can get uncomfortable and even fall sick due to the heat. So here are some essential summer pet care tips […]