5 gifts to get the pet lover in your life

5 Gifts To Get For the Pet Lover in Your Life

The season of gifting is here and if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift, you’re not alone. Finding the perfect gift for your friends, family, favorite coworkers, and even your pet sitters or favorite pet boarding staff is never as easy as it should be. That’s why we’ve created a quick gift guide for the pet lover in your life. From tech to sustainability, we’re covering our favorite gifts to give and get! We won’t tell if you get 1 or 2 of these for yourself.



furbo kinn inc gift guide

Oh, you thought FaceTime was just for you and your long distance bestie? Think again! Now you can video chat with your furry bestie with Furbo. Furbo is a dog camera that lets you see talk, and toss treats to your dog from a n y w h e r e. Yeah, you read that right. Furbo sends you alerts directly to your cell phone when your dog is barking or active in your home. This dog camera has been tested and approved by over 5,000 vets and uses dog friendly color signals to get their attention when you’re calling. This is great for the workaholic who wants to check in on their pet in between dog walker visits.



glowleash kinn gift guide

A simple but effective form of tech, this leash helps keep you and your dog safe while you take those midnight strolls. Featuring both LED lights and reflective stitching, the leash provides maximum visibility for safety purposes. Get this leash for the night owl in your life who loves to take a walk to clear the head at night.



whistle collar kinn gift guide

While we’d all like to believe that we have the best behaved pooch, the reality is they can be pretty naughty from time to time. Even with a microchip, pets still stand to get lost and potentially go unfound. Why? Microchips have been known to float around the body and get misplaced from their original installation location. Whistle lets you find your pet with GPS tracking instantly. You can designate areas your pets are allowed to roam and the app will alert you when your pet has wandered too far. The device is waterproof, full continental US coverage, text and email alerts, and medication and food reminders. This is the ideal gift for the pet owner who has issues with their pet getting out often.



fitbark kinn inc gift guide

Did someone say #FitGoals? Now you and your pup can reach your fit goals together! Like a FitBit, FitBark monitors the activity for your dog so that you can have a better understanding of your pet’s health and track changes in behavior. You’ll be able to analyze this data on an accompanying app and compare that data with similar dogs or share the information with your vet. This is the perfect gift for the fit friend in your life. You know the one who think running a half marathon is a casual good time.


Laptop Scratching Post

laptop scratching post

Probably the least techie gift on our list, we still count it as tech because it is technically a laptop but it just doesn’t have an operating system. Just don’t tell your cat. If you’ve ever taken a half day to work from, you know how frustrating it can be when your new office assistant wants to scratch and paw at your laptop. Get your kitty their own with this laptop scratching post. They can scratch away at numbers and “answer emails” all day. Get this gift for the freelancer or grad student in your life.



kleanbowl christmas gift guide

Always on the go? Struggle to find time to properly wash your pet’s food and water bowl. Quit beating yourself up and make the switch! Kinn Kleanbowls offer an environmentally friendly alternative to washing food and water bowls. How? We’re glad you asked! Kleanbowls are made from a sugarcane by-product that is 100% recyclable and compostable. Simply switch out the refill bowl for breakfast and dinner time and refill with a fresh water bowl every 1-2 days. You can learn more about the benefits of Kleanbowl, like healthier hydration, healthier nutrition, and healthier oral wellness here. Get 1 starter pack for yourself and one for your on-the-go friend!