Top 5 Benefits for Using Kleanbowls in Your Home

Keeping your pets happy and healthy is a top priority for you as a pet parent. Which is why Kleanbowls are the perfect food and water bowl to use at home. If you’re not familiar with Kleanbowl, don’t worry! We’ll explain what it is and why they’re so great! But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Check out some of these awesome testimonials from our friends at Barkaritaville Pet Resort.

What is a Kleanbowl?

Kleanbowl started as a simple idea and desire to improve pet health and their quality of life, while also improving pet parent and caretaker bonds. With just a dream and an idea, we were able to come up with a bowl that allowed us to fulfill our desires and be kind to the planet. Each bowl is made from sugar cane by-product that is naturally produced during the sugar cane harvesting process. Because our bowls are made from sustainable materials, they’re easily recyclable and compostable.

Reduce Oral Plaque & Germs

Ordinary pet bowl germs help the formation of plaque which causes tartar, gum disease & bad breath. When food particles mix with your pet’s saliva, plaque begins to form and stick to teeth and gum lines. As pets smell Kleanbowl is plaque and germ-free, they enjoy more water which rinses away more plaque bacteria before it hardens onto teeth. Oral wellness can add up to 4 years to your pet’s life.

When you recycle the Nourish-Pet Refill in the paper stream you are also eliminating 100% of the plaque and other germs in the Refill. With more time together with your pet and fewer germs, you can get back to enjoying all the fun things you and your pet love to do together.


Easy to Use & Saves Money

Unlike traditional pet bowls, which can be difficult to wash, Kleanbowls is easy to use and reduces cleaning time for you. This means you’ll save money on water and electricity to run a dishwasher. In fact, Kleanbowls can reduce up to 4 hours a week of wash time. Imagine what you and your pet could do with extra hours a week! No more holding up dinner as a result of no clean bowls for food or water.


Healthier Pets

Because the Kleanbowl is plaque and germ-free, your pet can enjoy a healthier life! Did you know that dishwashers do NOT get hot enough to get rid of germs like salmonella? 67% of pet bowls still have Salmonella in them AFTER being run through a dishwasher. Because Kleanbowls are disposable, they don’t collect germs that pets can smell and actively avoid. As a result, your pet will drink more water and more water rinses away more plaque bacteria before it hardens on their teeth.


Minimal Cleanup Time

Because Kleanbowls do not require wash time, there is minimal cleanup time involved. With Kleanbowls, simply recycle the compostable bowl and wipe down the stainless steel frame. Easy!  This is ideal for pet parents who are always on the go or do not wish to spend spare time washing lots of extra dishes. Additionally, Kleanbowls is ideal for pet parents who live in smaller apartments and cannot store lots of extra dishes for their pets.


Improve Your Bond

The bond between you and your pet is so special and precious and with the use of Kleanbowls you can improve the bond between you and your four-legged best friend. Check out what these pet parents saw once they switched to Kleanbowl! Whether you have a cat or dog, your pets want to eat out of clean, germ-free bowls. And as you’ve learned, you know that even washing bowls with hot, soapy water isn’t enough to rid the bowl of smells and germs. When your pet is healthier, they’re happier, and your bond strengthens.