3 Tips to Making Check-In Time Quick and Easy

Summer is just around the corner and that means you’ll be seeing your regulars a lot more often and some new faces. As the busy season starts to pick up, you’ll want to make sure that your staff is checking each pet into your facility correctly. Check-in procedure typically includes:

  • Collecting contact info
  • Noting any important medical information
  • Reviewing feed and play times
  • Taking notes on any specifics each pet may have

As you know, you and your staff are collecting a lot of important information. Which is why you want to streamline your process. This way you won’t miss a thing! Here are our favorite tips for making check-in time quick and easy.


Ask Pet-Parents to Label and Portion Food

You’re not the only one busy during the summer season! Many pet-parents are jetting off to visit friends, family, and relax on vacation. This means that they may not think to make the time to label and portion their pet’s food. Remind pet parents to do this simple task prior to bringing their pet in. This way you can spend less time reviewing how much and what type of food their pet takes.


Ask Pet-Parents to Label and Portion Medication (With CLEAR Instructions)

You’ll have pets coming in of all ages and health types. Some may have medications as simple as allergy meds. While other pets may have some more complicated medications and schedules. Check-in time should not be the first time that you’re hearing about their medication and schedules.

Ask pet-parents to label and portion their pet’s medication with clear instructions like time, day, and if they need to take the medication with food. This will help staff easily distribute medication during their stay. Additionally, you’ll save time at check-in by not having to go into great detail about medications and their schedules.


Confirm Vaccinations with Paperwork

Pet-parents should bring in their pet’s vaccination paperwork with them for easy check-in. Just like you forget if you’re up to date on your shots, so do pet-parents. Instead of asking them to rack their brain or call their vet (who may be closed if it’s a weekend), paperwork should accompany each pet-parent and their pet. This way there’s absolutely no confusion about whether or not their pet is vaccinated or not.


Have a Happy Summer

Now that you’re equipped with our favorite tips on how to make check-in quick and easy, you can take on the busy season like a pro! But we know that check-ins aren’t the only place where you could afford to save some time (and money). Kinn Kleanbowls save up to 4 hours of dishwashing time per week! Imagine what you could do with an extra 4 hours a week? Want to learn more about our products? Shop our starter-kits and re-fill bowls and get back to spending more time with pets!