GO GREEN AT WORK: 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Pet Boarding Facility Eco-Friendly (Updated for 2023)

It’s been a few years since we’ve talked about how to go green at work and since then, a whole lot has changed. In 2017, according to the American Pet Products Associate (APPA), Americans spent nearly $69.5 billion on their pets. Today, that number has ballooned to a whopping $124 billion. Which, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can probably guess why that number has nearly doubled. Between the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders and remote work becoming the new norm, pets became a popular household staple for people across all ages, lifestyles, and socioeconomic statuses.
It wasn’t just dogs and cats that people were welcoming into their hearts and homes. We saw an uptick of novelty pets like reptiles, marsupials, exotic cats, insects, and more! In fact, it is estimated that there is 1 lizard for every 10 homes with dogs.
The Ohio Country Journal estimated that dogs and cats consume 19 to 21% of the energy requirements that humans do. It’s also been determined that pets produce about 30% of the feces that their owners do.

Here are 3 tips to keep your pet boarding facility eco-friendly and your pets and their paw-rents happy.

Create a Pet-Waste Friendly Compost

Since 2019, composting has become a popular and accessible sustainability option to dispose of food and yard waste. However, unless you have an industrial style compost, you likely cannot dispose of pet waste in your compost. Even with industrial style composts, some facilities refuse to accept pet waste. Yet, all hope is not lost!

Each years tons of pet waste ends up in our landfills. By composting pet waste you can reduce pet waste in landfills by up to 50% according to the EPA. Learn how to create a pet-waste compost for your facility from Doggy Do Good.

Not ready to try composting? You can also make sure your pet care facility is using compostable doggy bags. These are poo bags that easily breakdown during compost and are often made with natural, eco-friendly materials.

Review Your Routines

Sustainability isn’t just about swapping out products, it’s also about reviewing your routines. Through reviewing, you can pinpoint where excess and waste is happening more easily. Excess electricity, water, and sewage usage can rack up not only high utility bills but increase your carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions.

35% of the United States energy usage is used by commercial businesses every year.  What are some practices you can review and update to reflect a more eco-conscious pet care facility.


Invest in Kinn Kleanbowls

Did you know that washing pet bowls by hand can waste up to 27 gallons of water and use 2.5k Wh of electricity? Additionally, using recyclable bowls can reduce 43% of greenhouse gas emissions. Kleanbowls significantly reduce cleaning time and resources which help save money and the planet. You can order a test kit and see for yourself the incredible benefits of investing in Kleanbowls.

Love Pets, Love the Planet

Going green may not happen overnight but with small, conscious efforts you can help us create a world where we all are committed to living a little better.

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