3 Reasons the Pandemic is Good for Pet Care Industry

The current economic and social climate has been leaving everyone feeling a little uncertain. The good news is, you’re not alone. The bad news is, it’s not just all in your head. Even though the news is set on spreading lots of fear-mongering, we’re here to shine some light on the silver-lining we found.

Pets are Recession-Proof

How could we ever put a price tag on our beloved furry family members? No matter what’s going on in the economy, our pets are the one constant. Pets help us through tough times and make the good times feel even better. Therefore, we believe that pets are truly recession-proof. The bond between person and pet is one that is not broken easily.

Despite the industry itself down in a number of areas like grooming, daycare, boarding, etc., many pet parents are patiently waiting for the day that they can take their pet to the groomer and take them to see their favorite friends at their facility.

Additionally, pet parents are still spending money on pets. Whether it’s a bark-box from Chewy or extra special treats, parents aren’t shy to open their wallets and spend some money on their best furiend.


Pets Provide Necessary Comfort and Companionship

Quarantine wouldn’t be the same without our pets. I  mean, who else would have gotten us up and off the sofa multiple times a day if it wasn’t for our dog or cat asking for one more treat or another walk? Pets offer necessary comfort and companionship during difficult times. The world truly wouldn’t be as bright without our furry family members.

Even though you may be operating at reduced capacity or still temporarily closed, understand that your clients and pet guests miss you. If they could be in your care, they absolutely would be.

Pets Need Care

Eventually, the world will return to normal and we will have to go back to work, to the store or hopefully on a fun vacation! This means that pets will need care. Whether from a boarding facility, a groomer, a daycare, or an in-home pet-sitter. Just because things seem slow in terms of pet care right now, doesn’t mean that will last forever.

Pets will still need the care and attention of professionals just like you. While we can’t predict what will happen even tomorrow, let alone next year. What we are certain about is that pet care will bounce back as it is an essential service for pets and pet parents everywhere.


How to Prepare for the Long Haul

2021 may seem like a lifetime away and for a small business, it kind of is. With so much uncertainty looming in the air, it can be difficult for small pet care businesses to see the light. But all hope is not lost. In fact, there is so much opportunity in this dark time. Check out these tips for preparing for the long haul.

Increase your point-of-purchase items you offer 

Point-of-purchase merchandising is a strategic form of marketing to place items near the front of a store or facility, typically near the cash register.  This type of product strategy placement can help increase your business’ revenue and create brand loyalty by introducing new products to your clients and pet guests.

Bring staff peace of mind 

The biggest stressor of the current climate is job uncertainty. Help give staff peace of mind by creating new opportunities to utilize them in any way you can. This means cleaning, organizing, scheduling, etc. Another option includes offering to pay for further education and certifications that benefit both your facility and your staff. Finally, we understand that sometimes keeping them on-site is actually more expensive than keeping them at home. If you can afford it, offer paid leave to staff members that do not need to be on site.

Maximize this slow period 

Looks like spring cleaning is lasting a little bit longer this year. Take this time to really clean your space physically and digitally. Who knows when you’ll get another opportunity like this to focus on the mundane aspects of business ownership. Get active online, stay informed, and don’t be afraid to bend and adapt.