5 Products To Help You Do More Business

Point-of-purchase merchandising is a strategic form of marketing to place items near the front of a store or facility, typically near the cash register.  This type of product strategy placement can help increase your business’ revenue and create brand loyalty by introducing new products to your clients and pet guests.

Any type of product can be considered a point-of-purchase item, but these 5 products are some of our clients’ favorite items to have upfront for pet guests and clients.



Whether you have it up front as an additional add on to a guest’s stay or you are selling starter kits to pet parents to take home, Kleanbowl is an awesome point-of-purchase item.

While many point-of-purchase items aren’t high in value; think like, gum, treats, collars, etc. Kleanbowl is a 100% germ, bacteria, and virus-free bowl. Easy to use and even easier to clean up (just recycle the food and water bowl after each meal), your pet clients and guests will love the convenience and ease Kleanbowl offers.

However, Kleanbowl is more than just for pet parents looking for an easier pet dish to deal with at home or while their pet is staying in your care. Kleanbowl’s germ-free bowl allows pets to have a clean bowl every time they eat or drink. This means that they’ll be more inclined to drink more water and finish their food. Ordinary pet bowl germs help the formation of plaque which causes tartar, gum disease & bad breath. When food particles mix with your pet’s saliva, plaque begins to form and stick to teeth and gum lines. As pets smell Kleanbowl is plaque and germ-free, they enjoy more water which rinses away more plaque bacteria before it hardens onto teeth. Oral wellness can add up to 4 years to your pet’s life.


Itch and Dry Spot Soothers

Theses immensely helpful grab-and-go items are perfect for pet guests who are prone to allergies or hot spots from chaffing. Many pets suffer from itchy or dry skin and it often leaves them in pain and uncomfortable. Itch and dry spot soothers can be used to at-home or while the pet is staying in your care.

Pet parents may not be aware that their pet may be suffering from a hot spot, so be sure to remind pet parents that hot spots are common. And, remind pet parents that pets suffer from allergies just like we do.


Kinn Kudose V-Tech

Giving a pet their medicine, whether you’re a care provider or a pet parent, can be a nightmare. Pets often spit out and hide their pill or eat around the pill if hidden in food. This poses a very serious threat for pets who need their medication and that exact dosage.

Kinn Kudose V-Tech Pill Crusher / Splitter System has a precision blade, resealable crushing pouches, and the Pet Pilling Concierge pill organizing guide to ensure that their pet gets the right dose at the right time, every time.

Many pets still enjoy treat pockets. After all, they are still a treat. By placing a crushed pill inside the pill concealer or treat pocket, you can feel confident that the pet is receiving the correct dose of their medication.

Because pills are crushed in a puncture-resistant, large capacity, and resealable pouch, pet parents can easily store, transport, and organize their pet’s medication for your staff or for their convenience at home.


Take-Home Toxin Tests for Pets

Spring and summertime are usually spent by a lake, river, or creek. And even though there’s nothing better than hanging by the water with your pet, many of these bodies of water can contain highly toxic bacteria and parasites for your pet. Keeping take-home toxin tests for your clients’ pets can help your pet guests and their parents have a fun and safe summer. These toxin test kits help determine the toxicity level of various bodies of water to determine if it’s safe for the pet to swim in the water.


Cards for Pets

With younger people having fewer and fewer kids and more and more pets, holding a spot in your front room for pet cards is a great way to help your clients celebrate their friends’ and families’ pets. It may seem silly but the prevalence in pet birthday parties and other pet-centric celebrations is on the rise. Be a part of the celebration with cute pet cards!