How to Give Your Staff Peace of Mind

With so much uncertainty hanging in the air, your staff may be riddled with anxiety. In fact, you yourself might be a bit worried. We’re all learning the same information, at the same time, and because of this, it’s been difficult to predict what to do next. However, there are still ways you can help give your staff peace of mind during social distancing and the CoVid19 pandemic.


Offer to Pay for Online Certifications or Courses

Since there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do, now is the perfect time to expand your knowledge base. Your staff may have expressed interest in improving their skillset and expanding their knowledge base but may not have had the time or money before. However, even with all the free time, money still remains an issue.

Investing in your staff is one of the best decisions you as a business owner could make. There is truly nothing more important than a well-trained and knowledgable staff. Did you know that it would take 200% of a skilled employee’s annual salary to attract and train a new staff member? With this in mind, it is most beneficial for you to consider assisting your staff in helping them learn and expand in your industry.

Offering to foot the expenses for this helps provide peace of mind for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that this action lets them know that you are invested and interested in their presence and skills at your facility. Secondly, it lets them know that you appreciate them and believe in them enough to help them further their education. Finally, it shows that you trust them to grow beyond their current role.


Utilize Staff Where, When and How You Can

Right now it’s all about being flexible and making sure that you’re bending before you break. With the new social distancing rules and regulations, many facilities and services are struggling to find ways to maintain businesses while also complying. As a result, staff member hours have likely been cut and this has probably caused some financial stress and insecurity. This is of no fault of your own and can be a source of stress for you as well.

During this time, we’ve discovered some of the things on our to-do lists that we have just never had the time to do. From deep cleaning to organizing and even full renovations, there’s no short list of things that can be completed. Whether you have floors that need deep cleaned, rooms that need to be painted, or walls that need demo’d, utilizing staff where, when, and how you can will help keep everyone sane and at peace. Busy hands are happy hands and while it may not be their traditional role, it’s an opportunity for you to knock off some to-do list tasks and provide them hours to make money.


Offer Paid Leave

Much of the stress surrounding CoVid19 and social distancing has been money. Financial security is something that brings peace of mind to anyone with a roof over their head and bills to pay. Being able to offer paid leave to your staff is probably the fastest and best way to provide financial peace of mind. Only you know your finances and only you can determine how feasible this is for you and your staff.


Kinn is Here to Help

If you are looking for messaging to help instill confidence in your clients about the health and safety of their pets at your facility and you use Kleanbowl, we’ve crafted a message to help.

We are proud to use Kinn Kleanbowl, the germ-free pet bowl for what’s really important, to help keep our staff, your pets, and you safe and healthy. Thanks to Kleanbowl’s single-use design, your staff, guests, and pet-parents can rest assured that the Nourish-Pet Refills eliminate 100% of viruses and bacteria in the bowl. This helps prevent cross-contamination from pet bowls between humans and pets. Our #1 mission is to help bring in a germ-free environment for pets to live healthy and happy and for pet-parents and care-givers to live with confidence that they are also safe and protected.


Please feel free to copy and paste this message into your social media message, email campaigns, and even print it out to put at the front of your facility. We are all in this together and Kinn wants to help in any way we can. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about Kleanbowl and its uses.