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How to Prepare Your Boarding Facility For the Holiday Rush

Thanksgiving is over and we’re knee-deep in the holiday rush for 2021. Despite some travel restrictions still in place, many families are planning to brave the elements to visit their loved ones both near and far. If 2020 was a bit slow for you, 2021 and beyond are sure to see positive corrections. Whether you’re ready or not, here’s how to prepare your boarding facility for an incredible 2021 holiday season.


Stock Up on Kinn Kleanbowl

Do you know what the biggest time suck is at your boarding facility? If we had one guess, we’d have to guess the dishes. Dishwashing can cost your staff 4 hours or more per week and upwards of 70 or more hours a month. Whether you’re short-staffed or have restrictions on the number of people in your building at a time, Kleanbowl can help you tackle the holiday rush with ease. Kleanbowl can reduce your labor time by 80% and reduce your labor and material costs by 20-40%. By swapping in 2 stainless steel frames and Kleanbowl refills your staff will only need to wipe the stainless steel frames clean as needed during the duration of your guest’s stay. Curious to see how much you can save this holiday season by switching to Kleanbowl? Check out our Kleanbowl Estimator


Retrain Staff

Even your longest-standing staff member could stand to use a refresher. Retraining staff helps you and your staff ensure that you are on the same page in the midst of the chaos that is the holiday season. Retraining staff on things like safety protocols, health protocols, check-in, and check-out protocols, and customer service protocols helps to avoid any misunderstandings or dangerous accidents. Many of these protocols are gone over once when first hired and never really brought up again because, for the most part, things run pretty smoothly. But with the holiday season, you want to be prepared for the worst. In 2021, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. 


Require Deposits 

During the holiday season, room and board is a highly coveted prize. If you promise a room to one pet guest that may mean you’re saying no to another who may really want or need that space. Requiring deposits from your pet guests ensures two things. The first, that pet guests will definitely have a high-quality space to stay in at your facility. Secondly, it ensures that you won’t lose out on too much money if a pet guest decides to cancel at the last minute. If requiring a deposit is new for your facility you may experience some pushback, but hold strong. Your loyal and dependable pet guests won’t mind providing you with a little peace of mind in the form of a deposit. 


Reward Your Staff Regularly 

Your staff is working hard to make sure pet guests are having an enjoyable and comfortable stay. As a result, they may be letting stress and anxiety pile up. This stress and anxiety could negatively manifest in the form of outbursts, illnesses, or overall dread and low morale. Rewarding your staff throughout the busy holiday season is a great way to show them how much you appreciate their hard work. From catered lunches to Starbucks or Dunkin afternoon pick-me-ups, it doesn’t take much to say, “thank you” to your hardworking staff. 


Curious About Kleanbowl?

If you’re curious about how Kleanbow can help you knock out the holiday busy season with ease, you can learn more about the cost-effective savings of Kleanbowl using our Kleanbowl Cost Estimator. Shop Kleanbowl Refills, Starter Kits, and Retail Displays at www.kinninc.com