How to Prepare First Time Paw-Rents for Boarding (Updated for 2023)

As a first-time paw-rent, it can be daunting to leave your furry friend behind when going on vacation or leaving for an extended period. However, with proper preparation and a reliable boarding facility, you can ensure your pet’s safety and comfort during your absence. In this blog post, we will share some updated tips on how to prepare first-time paw-rents for boarding in 2023.

Research Boarding Facilities

The first step in preparing for boarding is to research and choose a reliable boarding facility that meets your pet’s needs. Look for a facility that is licensed and insured, has experienced staff, and offers a variety of services, such as playtime and grooming. You can read reviews online, ask for recommendations from friends and family, or schedule a tour of the facility to get a sense of the environment.

Make Reservations in Advance

Once you have chosen a boarding facility, make sure to reserve a spot for your pet well in advance. Boarding facilities can fill up quickly, especially during peak travel times. Making a reservation early will ensure that your pet has a spot and give you peace of mind.

Update Your Pet’s Vaccinations

Before boarding your pet, make sure that all of their vaccinations are up to date. Boarding facilities require proof of vaccinations to ensure the safety and health of all pets staying at the facility. It’s also a good idea to provide the boarding facility with your veterinarian’s contact information in case of an emergency.

Prepare Your Pet’s Belongings

Your pet will need to bring some belongings with them to the boarding facility, including their food, water, toys, and a bed or blanket. Label all items with your pet’s name and your contact information. If your pet has a favorite toy or blanket, bring it along to help them feel more comfortable in the new environment.

Schedule a Meet and Greet

Before boarding your pet, schedule a meet and greet with the staff at the boarding facility. This will allow your pet to become familiar with the environment and staff and help them feel more comfortable during their stay. It’s also a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have and provide the staff with any special instructions or information about your pet.

Provide Special Instructions

If your pet has any special needs or instructions, be sure to communicate them to the staff at the boarding facility. This may include dietary restrictions, medication schedules, or specific care instructions. Providing clear and concise instructions will help ensure that your pet receives the care they need while you are away.

Stay Calm and Positive

Finally, it’s important to stay calm and positive when dropping off your pet at the boarding facility. Pets are very intuitive and can pick up on their owner’s emotions. If you are anxious or upset, it can make your pet feel anxious and upset as well. Instead, remain calm and positive, and provide your pet with plenty of love and reassurance before leaving.

In conclusion, preparing for boarding as a first-time paw-rent can seem overwhelming, but with proper preparation and a reliable boarding facility, you can ensure your pet’s safety and comfort during your absence. Researching and choosing a reputable boarding facility, making reservations in advance, updating your pet’s vaccinations, preparing their belongings, scheduling a meet and greet, providing special instructions, and staying calm and positive are all important steps in preparing for boarding. By following these tips, you can enjoy your time away knowing that your pet is in good hands.