4 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly This Summer

The temps are still climbing and we’re still hanging on to the dog days of summer! We know that with these high temps that you and your pets are just trying to stay cool. Even with the hot, humid days, you can still live green! From biodegradable poop bags to eco-friendly pet supplies, staying cool and living green this summer is easier than ever with these 4 hot tips!


Switch to Biodegradable Poop Bags

Most people use plastic bags (grocery or standard poop bags) to dispose of their pet’s waste. Yet even if you’re repurposing old plastic grocery bags, you’re still contributing to the massive amount of plastic waste. Keep things green this summer by switching to biodegradable poop bags for your pooch. The FTC has a specific “green guide” to help make sure that the bags you’re choosing to use are actually biodegradable and not mislabeled.


Buy Or Make Your Own Sustainable Food

Did you know that pets eat about 25% of the US’s total calories? Whether you realize it or not, pet food contributes the same amount of carbon emissions as 13.6 million cars. While you want the best for your pet, wanting the best for your pet also means wanting the best for the planet. Buying sustainably sourced and manufactured pet food is one of the best ways to ensure you’re giving your pet nutritious food and reducing your carbon footprint. Another way to reduce your footprint is by making your own food! There are tons of recipes and blogs online for pet parents who like to make their pet’s food.


Switch to Kinn Kleanbowl

If you turn the water off when you brush your teeth, recycle every opportunity you get or have started using paper or metal straws, you’re already well on your way to being more eco-friendly. But, as a pet parent or pet facility owner, you know that having a pet means it’s difficult to getting around using items that aren’t exactly environmentally friendly.

Fortunately, Kinn Kleanbowls are made from sugar cane by-product, which is a renewable by-product made in the paper stream. Kleanbowls help to reduce electricity, water, waste, and greenhouse gases. Because Kleanbowls are biodegradable and recyclable, you never have to worry about if you’re contributing to more waste.


Choose Eco-Friendly Toys and Pet Supplies

Whether it’s a toy, leash, or pet bowl, choosing eco-friendly toys and pet products for your pets is not only great for your pet but it’s great for our Earth, too! Like any lifestyle change, this is something that won’t happen overnight. However, the next time you need a new toy, lease or other pet product, look for products that are made sustainably and with eco-friendly materials. It’s also great to shop local when possible since these products don’t have to travel as far.


Living Green

Don’t get overwhelmed at the idea of living green. As long as you take small steps towards living more consciously, you’re doing great! If you’re curious about how Kinn Kleanbowls can help you live “greener” check out our site to learn more about our why and how we’re helping to build stronger bonds between pet parents and pets.