3 tips for making your pet's staycation easy

3 Tips for Making Your Pet’s Staycation Easy

You’re packed, your sitter is set, and you’re excited to head out to see family and friends for the holidays. As much as you wish you could take your pet, you can’t. However, pet sitters are a wonderful option that help pets maintain a sense of comfort and routine in either their own space or the home of your sitter.

We’ve talked to our sitters and rounded up their best tips for making your pet’s staycation better for them.

Stock Up on Their Favorite Foods

Stock up on their favorite wet food, dry food, or toppers that you know they love. For pets who aren’t on special diets or need to watch their figure, let your sitter know that they’re allowed to have a little extra while you’re away. Food can help ease the separation anxiety that they may be experiencing while you’re away.


Stock Up on Their Favorite Treats

Extra chicken, beef, popcorn, raw hides, etc. are the perfect distraction for your pet sitter to use while you’re on vacay and they’re on their own staycation. Treats help your sitter and your pet bond. Which is especially good for pets who may be a little shy or wary of newer people.


Talk to Them Before You Leave

Your pets are smart and even though they may not speak human, they still find comfort in hearing your voice. Let them know about your travel plans and when you plan to be back. If you want, you can even call your sitter while you’re away and speak with them over the phone. Your pets don’t just miss your physical presence but they miss your voice as well.


Pay for Some Extras

Leave your sitter with extra money for gas or activities like play time at their doggy day care, taking them to dog friendly bars, restaurants, etc. These extras help your pet stay distracted and social while you’re away. Plus the extra fun time will be good for your sitter as well.


Happy Holidays from our Kinn, Inc Team Family to Yours!