3 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Pet During the Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for you and your pets. Not only does it get colder, the sun sets earlier, but there are very few days where the good weather and your schedule line up. Can you say cabin fever? You’re not the only one suffering from boredom right now. Your dog is bored too! But finding ways to exercise them without freezing or risking your safety by playing in the dark takes some creative thinking!

Fortunately, we’ve saved you from having to do the mental gymnastics and came up with our favorite ways to exercise our pets during the winter.

Book an Afternoon at Doggy Day Boarding

Winter sucks but it’s not so bad for you. You can go to the movies, the mall, a friend’s house, try a new restaurant, etc. You’re free to roam and socialize as you please. But for your pooch, winter becomes a lot more limited in play time and social time.

Check out your local doggy day boarding facilities to see which ones offer the best deals on afternoon boarding. Don’t feel guilty about dropping your pet off at doggy day care. Boarding facilities offer something you simply can’t–socialization with other dogs! Boarding facilities that offer daycare allow your pet to get out of the house and hang out with some of their four-legged, furry friends.

Ask your vet or your friends for recommendations on which boarding and daycare facility to use. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your dog is in the hands of talented, kind, and professional pet care providers and surrounded by good friends!

Hit the Gym

The dog agility gym that is. Dog agility gyms are like the doggy equivalent of a play area for kids. Agility gyms offer complex and intricate activity areas that help stimulate your dog’s mind and body. Agility gyms often allow you to stay there with your dog and practice fun agility tricks together. Depending on the facility, you may be able to drop your dog off and pick them up later.

Schedule Playdates for Warm Days

Winter does offer some reprieve. When the sun comes out and the temps rise above freezing, spending some time outdoors isn’t so bad. Look ahead on your weather app and find out which days during the week or weekend will be nice. You can meet up with a neighbor or friend who also has a bored pet or hit the dog park and see what new friends you can make!