dachshund surrounded by party streamers

Your Pet-Friendly Event Checklist: 4 Things You Need to Have for Your Next Pet-Friendly Event

With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s almost outdoor event season! Dog-friendly events are always so much fun but come with a lot of necessary planning to ensure maximum success. For a barkin’ good time, you need to have these 4 things on your event checklist.



Barkcuterie boards are a cute and trendy option for food for your furry guests. If you don’t want to be responsible for being the sole food provider, you can ask local pet bakeries and treat makers if they’d like to attend as a vendor. But your pet guests aren’t going to be the only ones who might get a little hungry while at your event. Whether you bring out a food truck, grill out or cater in a lunch, great food is the key to a successful event for people and pets.


First Aid Kit

While you should be opening your event to pets and their parents who are well behaved, the truth is that sometimes altercations happen. Even the most well-behaved pet is not immune to finding themselves in the middle of a situation. A first aid kit is your first line of defense in the event of an emergency.  You should also ensure that all of your staff members are CPR certified for both people and pets in the event a person, or more likely, a pet chokes.


Lots of Water Bowls

Fights between dogs usually occur over resources when they appear to be limited. Having lots of water bowls for pets helps to avoid disputes between pets that would likely otherwise never occur. Of course, washing dish bowls for events can feel like it’s just one more task on your to-do list. Kinn Kleanbowl offers a simple and easy solution to your water bowl situation. Ranging in 4 sizes, Kleanbowl makes keeping your pet party guests hydrated easy. You can purchase the Nourish-Pet Refills and use them alone or use them in conjunction with the No-Slip stainless steel frame to avoid dogs tipping the bowls over.



What better way to remember your special event than a step-and-repeat. A section for photo ops is a great way for your attendees to snap a memory and share it with their friends, family, and followers. A step-and-repeat or another photo opportunity section is also a great way to display your vendors and sponsors logos as a way to thank them for all of their help.


Let’s Pawty

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