Kudose V-Tech Crushing Pouches 25-Pack

12 Kudose V-Tech Crushing Pouches 25-Pack



Kudose V-Tech Crushing Pouches come in packs of 25, and include recycling information, and a Pet Pilling Concierge pet pilling organizing guide.

  • Accurate Doses: Precision blade, resealable crushing pouches, and Pet Pilling Concierge ensure every pet gets the right dose at the right time
  • Pets Cannot Spit Out Crushed Pills: Mix crushed pill in resealable crushing pouch with treat, food, and/or water to easily create a pill concealer, then serve to pet
  • Saves Pilling Time and Money: Crushed pill hidden in treat, food, and/or water ensures pets ingest pill without spitting out, and avoids wasting medicine, time and money.
  • Pet Pilling Concierge: Empowers you to easily and quickly provide pet care givers a guide to pill your pet, including medication name, pill color/shape, dose timing, and pilling method
  • Healthier Planet: Reuse and recycle pouches. If you decide to replace your Kudose V-Tech, ship it back to us, and we will refurbish and donate it to a pet shelter.


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