How to Incorporate Sustainability In Your Pet Care Business

Sustainability has been a pretty big buzzword, especially in the pet care services industry. Even though we all know about recycling and reducing our single-use plastic, sustainability goes beyond these concepts. Sustainability in pet care services is a collaborative initiative that creates positive impacts within the pet care community and beyond. Utilizing and promoting sustainable pet care practices in your business model can greatly reduce the effects of pollution and waste. 


Not sure where to start? These 3 tips can help you kick your sustainability efforts into overdrive and maintain them. 


Engage Your Staff 

Sustainability in pet care isn’t a totally new concept but integration and implementation have been slow. While you know it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks, your staff may be a bit more difficult. Changing old habits and patterns can be difficult, especially for long-term staff members. Certain staff may not see the value in changing or implementing new sustainability practices because, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 


However, sustainability efforts and practices can have immense value and benefits beyond improving the environment. Sustainability efforts can improve staff morale, decrease employee turnover, and make work fun again.


Engaging your staff in an effort to increase your sustainability efforts can help them see the value in the change. Create and distribute a sustainability survey to help you and your staff better understand what you want to change, why you want to change, and how that change will provide overall benefits. Include a section for staff to add their notes or suggestions as well to make the survey even more inclusive. 


Commit to Utilizing Sustainable Products in Your Facility 

Once you and your staff understand the true value of utilizing sustainable products in your facility, you’ll find that you want to share your new love for sustainable products with your clients as well. Stocking your retail space with sustainable products encourages pet parents and clients to reimagine the future of pet care. 


The Kinn Kleanbowl Superior Display is the perfect new addition to your sustainable retail space. With a 50% gross margin you can help pet parents commit to sustainability at-home and increase your bottom line. The Nourish-Refills eliminate all germs so pets eat and drink germ-free food and water. Pet parents love Nourish-Refills because it eliminates the need to wash dishes which can waste thousands of gallons of water per year. In fact, washing dishes by hand at home can waste upwards of 27 gallons of water. The health benefits alone should be enough to convince pet parents to make the switch but never having to wash a dish again? Now that’s innovation! 


Continue Education

Continued education is one of the best ways to fuel your sustainability efforts. Utilizing industry resources and networks can have long-lasting effects on your staff in and outside of your pet care service business. As you continue to educate your staff on new and exciting sustainability efforts, you will all have a better understanding and appreciation for sustainability. Education is one of the best tools you can equip your staff with to help improve their confidence and morale at work. 


Learn More About Sustainability and Pet Care 

One of our favorite resources is the Pet Sustainability Coalition. A non-profit committed to educating pet care service business on how to have profitable and sustainable pet care services. PSC provides tools, resources, and educational materials that can help you and your pet care service create a business model that supports sustainability and reduces your environmental impact. Discover tools, webinars, training, and more at https://petsustainability.org/