How to Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Pets

When you celebrate Thanksgiving, you want to celebrate with ALL of your family members. Even the furry ones. But what might taste good for you, can actually be harmful to your pets. This Thanksgiving we’re making sure you’re celebrating the holiday in a way that’s safe for you and your pets.


Inform Guests of Rules

Your guests should be informed upon arrival what the rules are about table scraps. While you may be making a special plate for your pets, your guests should not be giving table scraps from their plate to your pet. Many foods in your traditional Thanksgiving day meals contain garlic, onion, sweet potato, and other seemingly innocent yet harmful ingredients to pets. Make sure that your guests understand that there is a no scrap rule at your home.

No Bones

Cartoons would have you believe that bones are safe for your pets to consume, but the reality is that most animal bones are harmful to pets. Many bones break off into sharp, small shards that present choking hazards to pets. Additionally, these small shards can cut their esophagus and upset their stomachs. Leave the bones to the cartoon dogs.

Work It Out

Your pet gets excited just like humans do when they reunite with old friends and family members. Pets also get excited to meet new people! Pets are just really wonderful like that. But some people don’t always enjoy all the love and affection pets like to dole out during the holidays. To help keep your pet’s affections to a reasonable amount, work ’em out. Take your dog on a long walk and finish it up with a few rounds of fetch in the yard. This will help get out some of their anxious energy and keep them calm while you’re busy attending to guests and dinner.


Use a Collar

Many pet parents opt to take collars or ID tags off their pets while they’re at home. Hey, you don’t wear your pants when you’re at home, do you? No! There’s nothing wrong with keeping your pet collars and ID tags off while inside, but on Thanksgiving, there’s lots of foot traffic in and out of the house. Making for ample opportunities for your pet to accidentally escape on accident. Avoid the extra stress of a missing four-legged family member by making sure the doors stay closed and that their ID tags are on.


Make Them Feel Special

Because most of your attention will be on your guests, cooking and serving, your pet may be feeling a little neglected. Make them feel special by presenting them with a new toy! There are lots of toys out there that offer mind-stimulating factors, as well as tasty hidden surprises. This will help to keep your pet occupied, as well as helping them to stay occupied so they don’t feel neglected and act out.


Happy Thanksgiving

From the Kinn Team to yours, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This year we’re thankful for all the love and support we’ve received from pet parents, pet care providers, and pet care facilities all over. We’re also thankful for all the new faces and friends we met this year! Here’s to hoping you and your pets all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!