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How to Prepare for The Busy Boarding Season

Spring has nearly bloomed and with the stimulus relief coming in swiftly and vaccines rolling out, we’re excited and optimistic for this year’s boarding season. Many pet parents are anxious to get away and see some new sights. This spring and summer pet parents will be looking for safe, affordable, and trustworthy places to board their furry family members while away. And who better to stay with than you and your staff? 


Last year may have given all of us an opportunity to reflect and reset on how we run business but this year will be all about effectively managing your time, staff, and resources as we expect 2021 to be a busy year for all boarding facilities. Check out our favorite tips for preparing your staff and facility today for the upcoming busy season. 


Prep Staff

You’re only as strong and successful as your staff. Whether you’re going into the 2021 busy season with the same staff from last year or you need to hire and train new staff, preparing and reviewing protocols is essential. Review emergency, medical, and standard practices that make your facility a safe and fun environment for both pets and staff. Even your most senior staff members should be retrained and review materials that ensure a quality stay and safe work environment. 


Stock Up on Essentials

While your stockroom closet may be a little dusty after 2020, this year is going to be way different. You may think you can get away with waiting on ordering essential supplies once the busy season actually kicks off, but think again. If you fail to plan then you’re only planning to fail. Stocking up on essentials gives you, staff, and your pet guests and clients peace of mind. Essentials can include medical items, business essentials like printer toner and paper, extra business cards, etc. 


The last thing you want to encounter on your inevitable upturn in business is a lack of supplies and essentials on hand. 

Keep Staff Morale High

After 2020, we’re all struggling to maintain a high or positive morale no matter how much brighter that light at the end of the tunnel is appearing. Keeping your staff morale high is going to be your saving grace during a busy season. Some ways to keep morale high are: 


  • Using positive affirming language when your staff is doing a good job to encourage positive behavior. 
  • Publicly rewarding good behavior at your facility or through social media 
  • Practice open communication 
  • Give feedback
  • Offer employee growth
  • Provide essential training and education to improve staff confidence and knowledge 


Reward staff 

Your staff is your backbone and they deserve to be rewarded as such. Rewarding positive behavior, growth, and quick thinking in your staff will encourage this behavior to continue. The beauty of rewards is that they can be a multitude of different things. From money to positive feedback to catered lunches, finding the rewards that your staff responds most to may take some time. Remember, each staff member individually likes to be rewarded and may not feel the same positive recognition with rewards you use for the collective staff. Getting to know and better understand your staff will help you know which rewards they love and respond best to. 


Get Prepared with Kinn Kleanbowl

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