woman training 2 brown and white dogs

How to Make the Most of Your Pet Training Sessions

As a professional pet trainer, maximizing your efficiency and training effectiveness will ensure both your success and happy clients. Even if you’ve been in business for a while, it never hurts to refresh on how to make the most of your pet training sessions. Check out these 4 ways to make the most of your future pet training sessions in 2022.

Keep the Conversation Open

Open communication is the first indicator of a successful pet training session. Parents may initially have loads of questions but as the session(s) go on they may not speak up as much. Encourage pet parents to continue to ask questions and not be afraid to speak up when they are confused or struggling. Open conversation shouldn’t end after your sessions end either. Make sure that your pet parent clients know when, where, and how to reach you if and when they have questions or concerns. This will keep them feeling confident during their pet training journey.


Use Kinn Kleanbowl

Using treats during sessions is a common positive reinforcement for pet trainers of all styles. But keeping and storing treats nearby during sessions can pose problems. Treats placed too far from the training area or not being able to keep them on your person can cause disruption and confusion for pets. Kinn Kleanbowl offers a simple and easy solution to storing and keeping treats nearby during training sessions. Our Nourish-Pet Refills are 100% germ-free and bacteria-free pet food, treat, and water bowls. Using sugar cane by-product that naturally occurs during the sugar cane manufacturing process, the Nourish-Pet Refills are both recyclable and/or compostable. Use the Nourish-Pet Refills alone or with our no-slip, no-spill stainless steel frame.


End On a Positive Note

Parents and pets alike want to feel like each session was productive and that something was accomplished. No matter what level of training each pet comes in at, you can always try to find ways to end on a positive note. If that means something as simple as practicing their best sit, stay or paw at the end or ending on something a bit more complex, as long as the pet can effectively complete one command, then they’re good to end the session!


Encourage Reinforcement Training

If they don’t use it, they’ll lose it. Pets are just like people in that they need to use the tools and tricks they learned in training sessions, otherwise, they’ll fall back into old habits. Encouraging reinforcement training can help keep pets and pet parents happy and safe. Reinforcement training and its frequency should be discussed on an individual level. Some pet parents may not find it necessary and in those cases, it is wise to make sure that you provide them with the instructions and training that you and their pet went over in case they need to reference the training again in the future.