season of giving. how to show your pet care provider your care

Giving Thanks: Showing Your Pet Care Providers You Appreciate Them This Holiday Season

Your pet sitters and pet boarding facility providers are some of your favorite people because they take care of your furry family members as if they were their own. Not sure how to show them how much you appreciate them? We’ve rounded up a list of ways to show your dog’s second best friend how much you care this holiday season.

Gift Cards

Gift cards might seem impersonal but there’s something great about being able to give the gift of allowing them to buy whatever they want. Even though you’ve been with them for awhile, you may not know much more about them beyond their love for your pet. Which is why gift cards are a perfect gift! Go small with something like a reusable Starbucks tumbler and gift card or give them true freedom with a Visa or American Express gift card to be used wherever Visa or American Express are accepted.


Handwritten Thank You Note

Even though our world is nearly 100% digital, handwritten thank you notes still hold a special place in the world. You don’t have to get too mushy or gushy but a simple “thank you so much for caring for my pet like it was your own” is a sincere and thoughtful way to show them you care about them. Double up and tape your gift card on the inside of the card to really show them how special they are.


Verbal Thank You

Maybe you’re not a gift person or a handwritten note kind of person. Simply saying, “thank you” aloud can mean the world, especially during the craze of the holidays. It’s likely they haven’t heard thank you too much around this season simply because everyone seems to be in a rush to get to the next place.


Thoughtful Gifts

If you’ve gotten the luxury to know your pet care provider over the year a thoughtful gift is always a great way to show them that you are paying attention to them and know their needs and wants. If you’re not 100% sure about what they like, items like candles, scented lotions, bath bombs, exotic coffee beans, etc. are all great general but thoughtful gifts to give.



We’re just going to say it because we’re all thinking it… cash is king! You don’t have to pay their rent in cash but even $50 is enough to say “thanks for the wonderful year.” If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift to say thank you with, don’t be afraid to give cash. No one’s ever said no to cash as a gift.