dog boarding vs pet sitting

Dog boarding – Know the Choices You Can Make

Your pet is probably your favorite family member. Don’t worry, we won’t tell Mom, Dad or Grandma. Your pet, even at their healthiest, needs proper attention and care so that they can thrive and be happy and healthy. But, as you know there comes a time when you’ll need to leave them for one or more days. Leaving them at a safe place is a small price to pay for your mental peace and their wellbeing.

While there are so many options, there’s no one-size-fits-all option for your every pet. As the holiday season goes full throttle, here’s what you need to know about boarding your pet. Pet resorts versus in-home dog boarding: which one is right for you?

Pet Resorts

Doggy boarding facilities are packed with experts who can handle your pet’s most difficult needs. From unique feeding times to required medications, a pet resort can provide you with peace of mind that your pet is safe and cared for by an expert. Ask your vet or poll your friends to see if they have a favorite facility they recommend. Let’s take a look at some of the pro’s and con’s of pet resorts.


  • Round the clock expert care
  • Social hours and extra playtime and walks
  • Extra treats
  • Unique play options like wading pools or agility gyms.


  • Loud
  • Other dogs which may be unsettling to your pet if they’re not accustomed to other pets
  • Regimented play and walk times
  • Can be uncomfortable for pets that are used to stealing half of your bed every night


In-Home Dog Boarding

Pet sitters can offer the best of both worlds when it comes to watching your beloved pet. Being able to have an expert in the comfort of your pet’s own home can help to relieve a lot of the separation anxiety pets experience when you leave. Again, check with your friends, family or vet for recommendations. Be sure to choose a pet sitter who has the proper training and certification. While there are several apps out there that can help you locate a sitter, it’s important to know that this person has past experience, certifications, and the expertise to care for your pet depending on their needs.

Need help finding a sitter? Check out The Dog Gurus, IBPSA, or PACCERT

But what are the pros and cons of in-home pet boarding?


  • They get to stay home — familiar surroundings
  • Schedules stay the same
  • No strange pets or other animals
  • It smells like you


  • Finding someone who is an expert and has the experience to match the knowledge
  • Letting a stranger in your home to watch your pet
  • Trusting someone who may not watch pets as their full time job
  • Finding someone who can handle your pets medical needs day-to-day or in the event of an emergency


Whatever you decide for your pet, make sure that you do proper vetting before committing to an in-home sitter or facility. Always meet with a sitter or facility before committing and always listen to your gut! Remember, it’s just as important that you’re comfortable with who you’re leaving your pet with as it is for your pet. Read reviews, ask friends, family or your vet, and don’t be afraid to say no in order to make an informed decision.