Beat the Heat: Essential Summer Grooming Tips for Dogs

As the scorching days of summer roll in, grooming isn’t merely a matter of aesthetics—it’s pivotal to our dogs’ comfort and health. With pet care ever-evolving and the trend towards holistic treatments gaining momentum, here’s how you can ensure your furry companion remains at the zenith of well-being this season.

1. The Right Trim: Less is More

While many may be tempted to shave their dogs’ coats off completely to beat the heat, it’s vital to remember that a dog’s coat acts as a protective barrier against harmful UV rays. The latest trend emphasizes a moderate trim that allows for optimal airflow, keeping them both cool and shielded from the sun.

2. Natural Parasite Defense

With the increased emphasis on all-natural solutions, this season is all about eco-friendly options for warding off ticks, fleas, mosquitos and other pesky bugs. Plant-based repellents infused with ingredients like lemon eucalyptus and lavender are not only effective but also gentler on your pet’s skin.

3. Paws and Play

The summer months can be especially tough on those tiny paws. The contemporary trend? Protective paw balms and waxes that act as a shield against hot pavements, beach sand, and rough terrains. As a plus, they often come with nourishing ingredients that keep those paw pads soft and supple.

4. Modern Shedding Solutions

Gone are the days of simple brushing. While daily grooming remains evergreen, new treatments, easily found in leading pet boutiques, are emerging that can minimize shedding when exposed to prolonged sunlight.

5. Ear Care Elevated

With many dogs taking to the water during these hotter months, ear care is paramount. The grooming industry is buzzing about swabs that can not only clean but also balance the pH in the ear canal, deterring bacterial and yeast growth.

6. Optimal Hydration

After a thorough grooming session, what’s better than a sip of crisp, cool water? Kinn Kleanbowl offers your pet a fresh water bowl each day. Simply replace the Nourish-Pet Refill during water changes and recycle or compost the bowl when you’re done, aligning with the trend of providing pristine water quality.

7. Sustainability in Bathing

In a world leaning towards green solutions, pet grooming isn’t left behind. Biodegradable shampoos and conditioners, made from sustainably sourced ingredients, ensure your pet is clean, and our earth remains greener.

8. Specialized Summer Solutions

From fur-friendly sunscreens to body-cooling mats that activate with your pet’s weight, the grooming market is brimming with products aimed at combating the summer heat with finesse and innovation.

Grooming this summer goes beyond the sheen and shine. It’s about merging new-age trends with timeless care, ensuring our dogs not only look fantastic but feel their best in the sweltering months.

At Kinn Inc., we believe in positive progression of pet care. Navigating the dynamic trends of today’s pet world, we’re here to walk side-by-side with pet parents who seek the best for their beloved companions. Dive into this summer, fur-first, with Kinn Kleanbowl!