5 Ways to Improve Your Pet’s Life 

We love our pets, and we know that you do, too. You’d do anything to keep them happy and healthy but sometimes life gets the best of us, and our beloved pets take a bit of a back seat to our other priorities. If you and your pet have fallen off track of living your best lives together, here are 5 ways to improve your pet’s life; and honestly, your own, too!


Pets like humans are social creatures which means they require a certain amount of socialization both with humans and their own kind each day. Socializing your pet by walking, playing, or taking them out to pet-friendly restaurants and bars will provide them the social outlet necessary to keep them happy. Here are some fun places to socialize with your pet:

  • Local park
  • Most breweries 
  • Patio dining 
  • Dog park
  • Dog-friendly beaches
  • Outdoor shopping centers 
  • Pet daycare and boarding facilities 
  • Sporting events during pet night 


Use Kleanbowl 

Did you know that most pets are improperly hydrated? That’s because pets can smell and taste germs in their water bowl, even after they’ve been washed and sanitized through the dishwasher. Your home dishwasher (and even most industrial dishwashers) do not get hot enough to remove 100% of the germs and bacteria that are left in their bowl. Your pet has an extremely sensitive sense of taste and smells that allows them to pick up on. 

Kleanbowl’s 100% germ and bacteria-free bowl ensure that your pet is getting a clean bowl every day, 100% hassle-free. Simply serve your pet the recycled sugarcane by-product bowl and when they’re ready for a new bowl, simply recycle or compost your Kleanbowl. 

Regular exercise

Exercise does your body and mental health good, and your pet is no exception. A tired dog is a happy dog. Regular exercise stimulates your pet’s mental health, keeps them limber and nimble, reduces digestive issues, and helps to regulate their sleep schedules. But regular exercise stems beyond just these positive impacts. Exercise reduces pet obesity which reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and liver problems. But the best part of regular exercise with your pet? All the fun and joyous memories you get to make together exercising! 

Maintain oral health

Did you know that by the time your pet is only 3 years old they’ve already begun to develop some degree of dental disease? Bad breath, yellowing teeth, and red and swollen gums are all the initial signs of poor health. While bad breath and yellow teeth may seem like relatively innocent side effects of poor oral health, they can actually be the start of chronic, life-long pain. Poor oral health can cause chronic pain that can manifest as irritability, decreased appetite, and a change in attitude. 

Aside from brushing your pet’s teeth and scheduling regular oral cleanings, ensuring your pet is properly hydrated can reduce oral health issues. Water helps to wash away dental plaque and keeps your pet happy and healthy. 

Regular check-ups

It’s hard to see your pet in distress which may make you reluctant to schedule regular vet checkups. Scheduling your pet’s vet checkups may be stressful at the moment but these short vet visits can help your pet stay happy, healthy, and guarantee you two extra years together. Thankfully there are alternative options to the traditional vet. Many areas have home vet services that reduce vet anxiety in pets and ensure that they’re getting properly checked. If you’re still struggling with your pet’s vet anxiety, you can read about our favorite tips here

Try Kinn Kleanbowl

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