brown Chihuahua wearing a clear and orange lined rain coat walking on a rainy day. very cute. he looks happy despite the rain

5 Rainy Day Essentials for Your Walk

April showers bring May flowers but they sure make for some wet pets and pet parents. Even if you have a backyard for your pet to relieve themselves, it’s still best to take your dog on a walk at least 1x a day. Walks are both physically and mentally stimulating for dogs. Sniffing allows them to collect information about their surroundings; it’s kind of like their version of reading the morning newspaper.

Before you start moaning and groaning about your next rainy day walk, you need these 5 rainy day essentials for your walk.


Waterproof Dog Leash

What’s worse than wet socks? A wet leash. Yuck! Fortunately, soggy dog leashes are a thing of yesteryear thanks to waterproof dog leashes. Typically made from PVC or another pet-safe waterproof material, these leashes keep your hands from feeling soggy and gross. Dry hands and feet are essential for a not-so-miserable rainy day walk


Dog Raincoat

You put on your raincoat before going out into the rain, so why get your dog a raincoat? Insulated dog raincoats help keep your dog’s fur dry while it’s raining or snowing. Because, let’s be honest, aside from getting all wet the smell of a wet dog is the worst part about walking your dog in the rain. Dog raincoats come in a variety of colors, styles, and prints so you’re sure to find one that matches your and your pet’s personal style.


Rain Boots

Just like your waterproof coat, you probably put on some comfortable waterproof shoes. Walking in the rain without any paw protection for your pet can result in wet and muddy paws which can be a pain to clean or cause staining. Dog rain boots can be worn in the rain or snow and are great for protecting their precious paws. In warmer months, some paw protection is usually recommended to keep paws safe from burns from hot pavement.


Drying Towel

Your best furiend deserves all the luxury which is why they need their own set of towels to dry off with after a great walk. A drying towel is perfect for drying off their muddy, wet paws and you won’t have to waste any of your good towels. A super-soft drying towel like a microfiber or chenille towel is exactly what your dog needs after a long thoughtful walk in the rain.


Umbrella Leash

Ready to take your rainy day dog walking to the next level? An umbrella leash is exactly what it sounds like. The Puppia Umbrella Leash features a classic leash with an umbrella attachment that covers your pooch This umbrella is great for smaller dogs and is clear so you can still have maintained a line of vision with your pet. Also, it just looks really cute.