4 Ways to Leverage Client Testimonials

Understanding the benefits of your pet guest testimonials can help you capture new business and boost the overall experience for your current pet guests. Between the ever-changing search engine algorithms and social media algorithms, pet guest testimonials are worth more than gold these days. However, the process of requesting, gathering, and knowing where and when to apply them in your marketing strategies can be difficult. 

Make the most of your pet guest testimonials with these 4 simple tips. 

Cultivate Community 

Quarantine has really highlighted our need to have a strong community around supporting us. So how can pet guest testimonials help you cultivate an online community that can be felt offline, too? Providing a space for pet guest and their parents to share their experiences (both good and bad) creates a community of support for both you and pet guests. You can gather direct experiences and feelings that can provide useful information so that you can continue to shape a 10/10 experience for pet guests. 

Create a Marketing Funnel 

Struggling to create a strong marketing funnel? You’re not alone. Marketing strategy is a full-time job and between running your pet care facility and managing staff, there’s almost no mental space for strategizing. Fortunately, with pet guest testimonials, you don’t have to think too long or too hard. Positive pet guest reviews can be utilized on your website, in your email campaigns, on blogs, or even on stand-alone social media posts. Use positive reviews to help drive past pet guests and new pet guests to book a service or stay with you. Positive pet guest testimonials remind past and present guests just how great you really are.

Utilize Existing Relationships 

Do you have a pet guest client who has a large social presence? Or maybe you know a pet guest client who is well-liked in your local community. Utilizing existing relationships that also have a large following, on and offline, can increase your brand awareness and build value. But the best part? It can be all organic! 

Create Case Studies

A case study is a detailed analysis of a specific event or instance. So how can you use pet guest testimonials to create hard-hitting case studies? Well, if you’ve recently implemented a new product, training techniques, or service you can use pet guest testimonials to further solidify and add weight to the claims you are making. 

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