guinea pig light brown eating some greens dressed as a witch

Top Halloween Costumes for Your Pet This Year (2022)

Ask anyone what their favorite parts of celebrating Halloween and we’d be willing to pet that most people love dressing up their pet or seeing their friend’s pets dressed up. Halloween costumes for pets range from your classic hot dog to your favorite toppings and condiments. This year, don’t let your cat, dog, guinea pig, or bearded dragon miss out on all the Halloween fun!


Sherlock Holmes 

If you’re a literature lover or mystery thrill seeker, then you probably a soft spot for the classic character, Sherlock Holmes. Featuring a smart little hat and a matching plaid cape, your cat will love this dapper little Halloween costume. Now, it’s time to solve the mystery of His Last Bowl: The Mystery of Where is Dinner?

Frisco Lion Mane Dog and Cat Costume

Does your cat exemplify bravery, leadership, and mild terror? If you answered yes, then this year for Halloween give your big cat a costume that matches their big personality! A lion’s mane! But it’s not just for cats. The lion mane costume is perfect for cats and dogs.

Frisco Avocado Guinea Pig Costume

You’re a non-traditionalist. You don’t always go with what’s popular right now and you avoid following the crowds. Well, this isn’t just any old pet costume list. You don’t have to leave squeakers out again this year. Show those cat and dog costumer lovers that guinea pigs can have fun too! The guinea pigs small stature makes them the perfect size to be a deliciously adorable avocado.

Thrills & Chills Reptile Cowboy Costume

Like we said, this isn’t your ordinary pet costume list. At Kinn, reptiles are just as much a part of the family as any other classic pet! But is this list really big enough for all the pets? You bet your rootin’, tootin’ behind it is! That’s why we think your bearded dragon should be a cowboy this Halloween. This precious cowboy costume features a hat and sheriff costume. Watch out boys and girls, there’s a new sheriff in town!

Tinker Bell Pet Costume – Peter Pan

For our Disney pet lovers, a Tinker Bell costume. Just like Tinker Bell, our pets would die without our loving attention. Belly rubs, scalp massages, and endless games of fetch are all a dog really needs to subsist in this world. Oh, and lots of treats, of course.