Starter Kits

2-pack Kleanbowl and 57-pack Refills



Kleanbowl Starter Kits come in 4 sizes: 32 oz., 24 oz., 16 oz., and 8 oz.

• SAVE between 11-15% vs. purchasing a 2-pack Kleanbowl and 50-pack Refills separately

• Pets smell a plaque/germ-free bowl; EAT all their food, DRINK more water, & RINSE away more plaque

• SPILL-PROOF, germ-resistant frame holds sugarcane fiber refill bowl in place and is WIPE-CLEAN

• Recycling refill in paper stream ELIMINATES 100% bowl plaque/germs; creates LESS WASTE than washing

• REDUCES plaque germs causing dental disease, which can add up to 4 YEARS MORE to your pet’s life

• Plaque REDUCTION helps to promote HEALTHIER heart, lungs, immune system, liver, kidneys, & stomach

• More SANITARY & CONVENIENT than dishwashers, which do NOT get hot enough to kill all plaque/germs

• 7 Refills included, BIODEGRADABLE & RECYCLABLE. Reduces electricity, water, & waste vs. washing

• GUARANTEED: Use with Kinn Kleanbowl Nourish-Pet Refills for a period of 90 days with a 100% money back guarantee for healthier pets and healthier planet

11 reviews for Starter Kits

  1. Charles Murphy

    Awesome product! Our dog Chance loves it and I like how easy it is to swap out the paper bowls. Clean and simple.

  2. candace gasper (verified owner)

    I bought a Kleanbowl Starter Kit for my pug Alexander and he loves it. I love it because I cook Alexander dinner every night (salmon, eggs, chicken, etc.) and use a bone broth to soften his kibbies and I absolutely hate washing dishes. It’s one less dish I have to wash at the end of the day. The refills are nice to bring along with us to the dog park because he hates drinking out of the communal bowl and for some reason won’t drink from dog-specific water bottles. I love Kleanbowl so much I’ve gifted this same Starter Kit to a few of my friends who frequently travel with their dogs and they loved them! 10/10 would recommend to any busy pet lovers out there! Makes for the perfect gift for your pet or friends and family!

  3. Jamie

    These bowls have been a total lifesaver for me. My pup gets supplements added to his food on a daily basis. The salmon oil is super greasy and has been difficult to wash up. I love using these biodegradable single-use bowls because they make clean up so easy.

    I also use these when traveling with my dogs. Hydration is key when we’re traveling and hiking together. My dogs without a doubt drink more when they have access to clean fresh water from the Kleanbowls.

  4. David Pearsall

    I started using the Kinn Kleanbowl a couple years ago after attending a dog trainer conference and seeing a demo from Alex McKinnon, (Founder & CEO). I got back home and duplicated the demo with my 2 dogs (Lab Rescue and Chesapeake Bay Retriever) right away. I was amazed that my dogs chose the Kleanbowl over their current water bowl right away! No doubt due to cleaner water! Been hooked ever since!

  5. Charlotte Biggs

    Because I love my dogs, when I became aware of the Kinn Kleanbowl and the advantages it would provide my two dogs, I decided to try it out with a 2-pack Kleanbowl. What I have seen since using the Kleanbowl is my dogs drink more water, more often and they eat everything put in the ones for their meals without hesitation.

    Living in Texas where it so hot much of the time, pets staying hydrated is critical. With Kleanbowl, I’m confident my two are drinking enough water. Knowing that the refill eliminates germs is better too. No more slime in the bottom of the bowl. The best part for me, is that I am a strong believer in recycling and biodegradability. These bowls allow me to live my beliefs!

  6. Carmen Rustenbeck

    With the increase in viruses effecting not only us humans but also our pets, it has become important to my family that Java gets the best pet care possible. We spent a lot of time researching food, treats, proper toys, etc. but we never considered the food and water dish until Kinn Kleanbowls. We used bowls that could be washed in the dishwasher until we found out that the dishwasher does not kill all those germs. But even better was the behavior change that Java had once we switched to Kleanbowls. Java drank more water, had a healthier mouth and the traditional bad breath decreased! Java is a 72 pound black lab, we live in the dessert – water is important (we use the 32 ounce size)! Java’s water intake almost doubled when we switched and better yet, the bowls are recyclable. I recommend them to pet parents as another way to protect the health of their pet.

  7. Jess Okon

    I love the KINN KLEAN Bowls for so many reasons. They are easy to use, good for the environment, save me time and keep my pets healthier, what is there not to love?

    I have cats that have sensitivities to plastic and ceramic bowls, the Klean Bowls do not cause them any facial irritation and they drink so much more water now!

    I travel regularly with my dogs and the Kinn Bowls make it so easy, I don’t even have to think about where I can sanitize my feed and water bowls while on the road anymore. I have even used them for myself while camping and roadtripping. 10/10 highly recommend to every pet parent and pet professional.

  8. Emily Patrick

    My dog absolutely loved eating from her new Kinn bowl. We were curious if she could prefer it to her old one, so we put scoops of food in each – and she went right to the Kinn bowl! I always noticed with her old food bowl that even after a day there would be gunk and grime and who knows what else stuck to the sides. With the Kinn bowl, I trust that my dog is getting a clean meal, and don’t have to worry about bacteria or anything else she might ingest.

  9. Chris

    We love Kinn Bowls. We have been using them for years. We have a second home and travel a lot. The convince of keeping Kinn bowls at both our homes is fantastic. Our dog always has fresh and clean bowls.

    We especially love Kinn bowls when we travel. We bring them right into our hotel room and after we leave we can dispose of them there or ask that they put them in recycling.

    We just ordered another pack!

  10. Bridget M. (verified owner)

    Kleanbowl is the best! It’s a must have for home and travel. Both our dogs love it and their water bowl is always 100% slime free.

  11. Ben Day

    I have been a customer of Kinn for a couple of years now. My two little Toy Poodles love the freshness of the bowl. How do I know this? They have a constant feeder bowl in their enclosure for when we are gone an extended period of time. They will wait often times until we return to go into our kitchen where they find a Kleanbowl. You guessed it, no more constant feeder water for our babies. Only the finest product on the market, which is Kleanbowl, for mama’s and my babies.

    Ben Day

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