Nourish-Pet Refill

Sugar cane fiber refills



  • Maximizes Labor Savings and Employee Retention by reducing boarding bowls to be washed during a 4-day typical stay from 12 ordinary bowls to 2 frames to be sanitized after the pet checks out.
  • No more washing dishes. Biodegradable & Recyclable bowls
  • Use for food AND water
  • More sanitary than hand washing or using a dishwasher where germs and bacteria might get missed
  • Use with stainless steel Kleanbowl frame for 100% germ and bacteria-free, spill proof, experience for happy pets and clean floors
  • Incentivizes hydration which reduces plaque for healthier pet heart, lungs, immune system, liver, kidneys, and stomach.
  • Pets smell a CLEAN bowl and WANT to eat more and drink more
  • Reduce pet care costs like vet visits and dental cleaning


8 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz 500 or 1,000 sugar cane fiber refills
Made from 100% recycled sugar cane by-product Kleanbowl is a totally recyclable and compostable pet bowl. Use alone for pet food, water or treats. Or use in conjunction with Kleanbowl stainless steel frame for a 100% slip and spill-proof experience. 100% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. 500 or 1,000 Refills included in 8 oz Nourish-Pet Bulk Refill pack.

1 review for Nourish-Pet Refill

  1. Lily

    Excellent products! We use 60+ bowls a day with reduced cost/resource use. A customer for life!

    We started using the Kinn Kleanbowls in our doggie daycare & overnight suites and we LOVE them. We have reduced our staffing hours for clean-up by at least 50%. The bowls have helped decreased our feeding times and allowed for easier feeding communication as well. We will continue to use the refills and we are beginning to have interest from our clients when they see the retail set up.

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