Kleanbowl Frames

20 stainless steel frames



  • Maximizes Labor Savings and Employee Retention by reducing boarding bowls to be washed during a 4-day typical stay from 12 ordinary bowls to 2 frames to be sanitized after the pet checks out.
  • Use for food AND water
  • Easy to wipe clean stainless steel frames
  • 100% spill proof, germ-resistant frame keeps floors clean and you happy!


Kleanbowl Stainless Steel Frame 20 pack. Use for food and water Available in 8 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz. 100% recycled sugar cane by-product Kleanbowl is 100% recyclable and compostable. Stainless-steel frame goes on top of the Nourish-Pet Refill for a 100% spill-free bowl. Easily wipe clean when needed and replace Nourish-Pet Refill with each meal. 100% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

2 reviews for Kleanbowl Frames

  1. Dave

    I run a cage free facility and have to have someone in with the dogs at all times. The Kinn Kleanbowls allow me to keep staff to a minimum while traditional bowls would either mean I’m losing someone in the dog area while they wash bowls or I hire someone to wash…..The rings (frames) need to be washed but not necessarily after every feeding, and you will find that they stay pretty clean and a quick wash takes care of it.

  2. Mara

    I do rescue so I have a lot of pets in my home. The daily bowl washing & cleanup was incredibly cumbersome. Now it is a breeze! My routine has gotten a gazillion times simpler & quicker, plus now I’m using the dishwasher more like 1x week instead of daily. It’s great for the earth & my water bill. My cats & Some of my dogs would eat out of anything so they don’t seem to care, but with the other dogs There is definitely a difference. The cleanup aspect for me is definitely worth its weight in gold. Highly recommend!

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