Fun Halloween Ideas for Your Pet Care Service and Your Staff

It’s finally spooky season and that means ghouls and ghosts galore! While you may be too old to trick or treat, the spirit of Halloween lives inside all of us! So of course you and your staff want to celebrate Halloween any and every where you can. From horror movie trivia to your own adult office trick-or-treat, these are some of our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween.

Horror Movie Trivia

With Halloween 2 getting ready to be released, we’ve been thinking a lot about our favorite horror movies. From slasher classics like Scream to psychological thrillers like Shutter Island, this time of year is ripe with incredible spooky movies, shows, and more! Get your staff to showcase their horror movie and TV show trivia by hosting a horror movie trivia event. Break it down by genre, series, or what ever way seems spooky!

Office Decorating Party

Let’s keep it real. One of the best parts of Halloween are the decorations. Spooky, silly, or classic we love all different types of Halloween decorations. And we’d be willing to bet your staff does too. Get in the spirit of the season together with with a Halloween office decorating party. Order some pizzas, sip on some sodas, and turn up the Monster Mash and deck out your pet care facility with Halloween seasonal decor.

Costume Contest

Okay, the next best thing about Halloween? COSTUMES! From pets to people, seeing everyone dressed up for the holiday always brings a smile to our face. Halloween costume contests are the best way for your staff to share their creativity. Scary, punny, or magical ask your staff to participate in your costume contest. Treat winners to an extra PTO day or lunch spot of their choice to truly sweeten the pot.

Share Favorite Halloween Candy

So maybe you and your staff are too old to go door to door to trick-or-treat. But you’re never too old for candy! Ask your staff members to each bring in a bag of their favorite candy and swap favorites throughout the day. Even if some people bring doubles, who’s going to complain? Like you’re going to be mad about eating 2 fun-sized Snickers bars?