Bucket List Ideas to Do With Your Pet

Life is so much better with a pet! Sadly, they don’t live as long as we do and so it’s important that we make the short time we do have with our pet that much more memorable. Even though dogs do love routine and cats may be a bit standoffish, a little fun never hurt no one. Check out these bucket list ideas to do with your pet.


Visit a Pet-Friendly Restaurant

There’s no greater joy in life than enjoying a good meal. But what about enjoying a good meal with your best friend? Truly doesn’t get better than that! When the weather is nice (not too hot, not too cold), find a pet-friendly restaurant for you and your 4-legged buddy to try. There are some restaurants that just allow pets and then there are some dog-friendly restaurants that have a pet menu! At these luxe pet-friendly establishments, you can order something for your dog right off their own special menu.


Stay in a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Staycation anyone? Pet-friendly hotels in your area are a great way to mix up the scenery without breaking the bank. Pack your bags and head into the city to discover one of your local pet-friendly hotels. Of course, if you and your pet are feeling extra adventurous, you can always skip town and drive or fly somewhere special with your pet. Check out these must have apps for when traveling with your pet!


Learn a Sport Together

Does your pet love hijinks? Then they’re going to love obstacle course training! Or soccer or swimming, or really any activity that involves a little bit a training, a lot bit of love, and a hefty amount of treats. Dogs and cats alike love the mental stimulation that sports, activities, and games like puzzles have on their brain. Not only doesn’t it mentally stimulate their mind but that mental stimulation causes physical exhaustion as well. It helps keep their physical activity mixed up and makes life exciting for both of you.


Bring Them to Work

They cost enough, it’s about time they started working! Just kidding! Though we aren’t kidding about bringing them to work. Office dogs help make the day better. Pets in the office have been shown to increase productivity, boost moods, and quite frankly, it’s just darn cute. Check with your office manager to make sure that dogs or cats or bunnies can join in on the work day. You can even give them a fun title like Director of Barketing or Director of Pub-lick Relations.


Throw a Birthday Party

Birthday party, gotcha day, whatever the occasion there’s always a reason to throw a party! Invite your best friends and their furry friends over for a birthday party or another type of celebration. You can make barkcuterie boards filled with pet-friendly foods. Just don’t forget to make a charcuterie board for your people friends too!

Visit a Nursing Home

Is your pet good with people? Then they may be eligible to visit nursing homes!  Visiting a nursing home together is a great way to get to know the elders in your community. It spreads joy, cheer, and you know your furry friend loves those extra pets and pats. Check with your local assisted living facility and find out what needs to be done in order for your pet to come visit and brighten everyone’s day.


See a Reiki Healer

Ok not to get too woo-woo on you but a lot of people have praised the benefits of Reiki. Did you know not only are there people reiki healers but there are pet reiki healers too! Reiki healers help pull out negative energy and instill positive energy. If you’re into that thing. Maybe your pet is into that thing. Ask them tonight!


Paddle Board Together

Did you know that dogs secretly kind of love paddle boarding? Most dogs have a surprisingly ability to balance. We’d guess cats are probably the same but they don’t love water quite like dogs do. Just don’t forget to pack and make them wear their life vest no matter how seemingly calm the water is.