Are Essential Oils Safe for Your Pet? 5 Essential Oils That Are Pet Safe

Essential oils have always been popular but they’re making a strong resurgence thanks to unique and intriguing diffusers that almost look like beautiful sculptures. However, not all essentials are safe for pets. Diffusing toxic essential oils into the air can have harmful effects on your pet over both the short and longterm. These are 5 pet safe essential oils you can diffuse safely at home.


How Essential Oils Effect Cats and Dogs

Did you know that essential oils can effect cats and dogs differently? Just because essential oils are technically natural does not mean that they’re safe for your pets.

Essential Oils are fatty aromatic compounds extracted from various plants. The compounds range in varying degrees and the more concentrated the oil is the more dangerous it is to your cat or dog. Essential oils are lipophilic and are readily absorbed through the skin and mucus membranes. The oils are carried through the blood stream and metabolized and eliminated by the liver.

While many think that using a diffuser helps to alleviate some of the risk, the actuality is that it increases the risk of your pet contracting micro-droplets which can irritate their respiratory system.

If the essential oil gets on their skin, pets can experience chemical burns. If a pet were to lick a droplet they may experience burns on their tongue or toxic effects from ingesting the chemical compound


Pet Safe Essential Oils

Always check with your vet about the safety of essential oils and the use around your pet. There are pet safe essential oils you can use with caution around your pet. Remember, pets can still get skin burns if they come into direct contact with these oils, however, diffusing them should be safe. Again, check with your vet first and make sure diffusers are in a room with plenty of ventilation.


  • Lavender Oil: calming and relaxing, this oil is great to diffuse at night.  You can also sprinkle some onto your vacuum filter and your whole house will smell like lavender when you vacuum.
  • Frankincense Oil: This is an anti-microbial oil which has been known to fight cancer in both humans and pets. It’s a powerful and natural remedy for staving off disease.
  • Chamomile Oil: Similar to lavender oil, chamomile oil has a naturally calming effect. Used properly, it can help treat skin irritations. Check with your vet first before use.
  • Cedar Oil: A natural flea and tick remedy, cedar oil is It is antifungal, antibacterial, and has a pleasant scent that produces a calm environment.
  • Fennel Oil: Great for those who have cats, if you love the sweet, sticky smell of licorice, you’ll love fennel oil. Fennel oil can help cats who are suffering from health issues involving the pituitary, thyroid, and pineal glands. Check with your vet first before use.