5 Ways to Prep for the Busy Season

New month, new and exciting things to look forward to. With the busy season just around the corner and the slow season still hanging on for dear life, now is a great time to prepare for success. When the busy season hits it can make it difficult to do even the simplest tasks. And those simple tasks like stocking up on supplies, getting ahead on cleaning, and updating your software can have serious adverse effects on your business if not addressed now. So, while you have time to twiddle your thumbs, consider doing these 5 things to prepare for your best and busiest season yet.

Re-train Staff

Even your best staff member is liable to forget some of the things they first learned when they were first hired. Re-training staff benefits everyone and can help eliminate any confusion or uncertainty about certain procedures. Some of the re-training you should be going over are:

  1. Safety protocols
  2. Health protocols
  3. Cleanup procedures
  4. Lost or missing pet protocols

Re-training also allows you to share any updates or new protocols and procedures that may be important. You can also use this time to ask staff what is working, what isn’t, and open the floor for them to share any suggestions they may have to make caring for your pet guests run smoother.

Stock Up on Supplies

There is no worse feeling than realizing you are out of something when you’re knee-deep in a busy day. Whether it’s paper towels or Kinn Nourish-Pet Refills, every supply you keep on hand is just as important as the next. Stocking up now will give you peace of mind before entering the busy season. Knowing that you’re prepared and ready will give you the confidence you need to take your busy season head-on!

Do Deep Cleaning

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to wait until March. Deep cleaning kennels and any other space that may get extra dirty or overlooked when you’re busy. The reason why many people dread or simply don’t do deep cleaning is that, well it’s kind of hard. Make it more digestible by breaking the tasks that need to be done into manageable tasks. You can assign 1 or more staff members to complete certain tasks to help speed things up. Remember, this should be a team effort.

Update Files and Software

Deep cleaning doesn’t just apply to physical cleaning but digital as well. Updating your files and software systems is absolutely essential to making sure your busy season runs smoothly. A software update that could cause your scheduling software to be down would be devastating. Updating and saving your files can make check-ins and check-outs easy as guest information will already be in the system and updated.

Review Daycare and Overnight Packages

When was the last time you looked at your current offerings? Have you been noticing that your local competitors are offering things you aren’t? Or maybe your offerings are looking a little stale in comparison. Reviewing and updating your packages can help you gain a better understanding of how to make your packages and stays more appealing to current and prospective pet guests. Seek out local competitors for ideas and don’t be afraid to ask your pet parent guests what they’d like to see at your facility.