Kudose V-Tech Kut & Krush Replacement Cartridge

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Kudose V-Tech Kut & Krush Replacement Cartridge



  • Restores your Kudose V-Tech Pill Crusher & Splitter System to like new
  • Kinn Kudose V-Tech Pill Crushing, Storage, and Concealing Pouches
  • Accurate Doses: Precision blade, resealable crushing pouches, and Pet Pilling Concierge ensure every pet gets the right dose at the right time
  • Pets Cannot Spit Out Crushed Pills: Mix crushed pill in resealable crushing pouch with treat, food, and/or water to easily create a pill concealer, then serve to pet
  • Saves Pilling Time and Money: Crushed pill hidden in treat, food, and/or water ensures pets ingest the pill without spitting out, and avoids wasting medicine, time and money.
  • Healthier Planet: Reuse and recycle pouches. Pouches can be used for crushing, organizing, and transporting pills. Made in USA using Solar Power



Make pet pilling easy with the Kudose V-Tech Kut & Krush Replacement Cartridge. Keep your V-Tech Kut & Krush cartridge working like new with a simple replacement. Restores your V-Tech like new for optimal performance. Simply use a screwdriver to pop out old cartridge, install new cartridge, and recycle old cartridge Get the right dose at the right time every time with Kudose V-Tech Kut & Krush Replacement Cartridge


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5 reviews for Kudose V-Tech Kut & Krush Replacement Cartridge

  1. Liz K and Skye

    Skye’s monthly heart guard and flea/tick preventions are a hard pill for any puppy to swallow, but using this Kudose V-Tech high performance pill crusher and splitter is making a world of difference! I crush her Flea/tick medicine to conceal in food and split her heart guard to put instead of a pill pouch treat! Giving medicine has never been so easy! Well made and easy to use we def think it’s pawsome!

  2. Karen A

    I love these organizer bags. They are so durable and I love that you can use them with the pill crusher. Makes the clean up so easy!!!

  3. Caroline Earls

    A fast and safe tool for crushing or cutting pills in half. The bags are a wonderful way to keep things organized. Highly recommend for any dogs and humans who take pills.

  4. Dawn Reichert

    I love this product! The pill crusher is efficient and durable; the handy pouches are great for prepping medications for pets that are difficult to give pills to.


    Finding something simple to use with multiple features is hard to find in pill cutters, Kudose meets our needs for multiple medications. Love the crushing pouches!

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