dog on a zoom conference call with his other dog friends

3 Ways to Get Through the Slow Season at Your Pet Care Facility

Winter can be a tough time for pet care facilities. People aren’t traveling as much after the holidays and with WFH still a popular option, many pet parents aren’t even needing pet daycare. Before you throw in the towel during the slow season, here are a few ways to keep your staff busy and sane. From obedience training to facility retail exclusives, these are 3 things you need to be offering this slow season.

Offer obedience training

Obedience training is a great way to get cash flow rolling in and introduce your facility to potential new clients. By offering classes like obedience training you can allow cash to flow in during an otherwise slow period. Obedience training classes help pet parents develop stronger bonds between pets, create safer, better-behaved pets in your area, and allow a unique opportunity for new pet parents to get to know you and your staff. Sweeten the deal by offering discounts on future daycare or overnight stays for returning pet parents who complete their obedience training.


Pet family portraits

Nearly 75% of millennials are choosing to have pets over children. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still seeking out some of the traditional things you’d normally do with human children. Pet family portraits are extremely popular among both younger and older pet parents. Who doesn’t love a cute picture of their pet? Pet family portraits, similar to obedience training, offer 2 unique opportunities. The first is extra cash coming in during a slow period. The second is allowing potential new clients a chance to view and experience your facility and staff in a relaxed environment. To encourage these potential new clients to come back the next time they may be traveling or need daycare, offer coupons or discount codes for first-time clients. Between pet portraits and discounted stays, your facility will be the talk of the town.


Offer exclusive retail extras

Pet parents are known to spare no expense for their beloved furry friends. In fact, in 2020 pet parents spent about $442 on their pets. Offering unique exclusive retail extras like one-of-a-kind products, organic treats, and fun interesting toys and puzzles for pets can encourage pet parents to pop in more regularly during the slow season. Kinn Kleanbowl offers a wonderful retail display that you can utilize in the retail section of your facility. Pets are more likely to eat and drink more regularly when they’re eating and drinking from a Kleanbowl. Pets have an incredible sense of smell and can smell germs and bacteria that we cannot even see or smell. Discover the cash flow benefits of a Kinn Kleanbowl retail display today!