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Kleanbowls bulk

Kleanbowl: The Healthier Water & Food Bowl for Dogs & Cats (BULK) – for pet professionals  20 stainless steel germ-resistant frames secure replaceable Nourish-Pet Refill Bowl (sold separate) to prevent spills  Healthier Pets: Eliminate germs and cross contamination by assigning … Read more →

Kleanbowl Nourish-Pet™ Refill Bowls Bulk

Kleanbowl Nourish Pet Refill Bowls (BULK) – for pet professionals  1,000 Nourish Pet Refill bowls are germ-free, eliminating germs that soap, bleach, dishwashers, & trays leave behind  Use w/ Kinn Kleanbowl Germ-Resistant Steel Bowl Frame (sold separate) to prevent spills/pet … Read more →

DELUXE TEST KIT ($49.95 incl shipping)

INCLUDED: One – 16oz One – 24oz One – 32oz Frame Fifty – 16oz Nourish-Pet Refills Fifty – 24oz Nourish-Pet Refills Fifty – 32oz Nourish-Pet Refills Three – S-Hooks and Three – Command hooks    

K-Rex Nourish Pet Refills 8oz. (10 count)

K-Rex Kleanbowl promotes WHOLE-BODY HEALTH, improving your pet reptile’s quality of life by eliminating bacteria K-Rex Kleanbow is 100% REPTILE SAFE, reducing the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses K-Rex Kleanbowl is GERM-FREE, 45% of ordinary pet bowls have bacteria … Read more →

Krocodile® – Pill Splitter and Crusher

Split or Crush Pills Safely

Krocodile™ is a 2-in-1 device that rapidly splits and crushes pills so pets can swallow them safely.


Superior Table Display

Superior Table Display

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