One – 8oz
One – 16oz
One – 24oz
One – 32oz Frame
Fifty – 8oz Nourish-Pet Refills
Fifty – 16oz Nourish-Pet Refills
Fifty – 24oz Nourish-Pet Refills
Fifty – 32oz Nourish-Pet Refills
Three – S-Hooks
Three – Command Hooks

  • Stop washing and start saving! Reduces labor time cleaning bowls by 80% vs. washing.
  • Sanitation Port enables you to move frame and refill as one piece for better SANITATION, CONVENIENCE, and TIME/LABOR SAVINGS. Use with hook to prevent sharing & save storage space.
  • GUARANTEED: 90-day money back guarantee for healthier pets, healthier planet, & healthier profits
  • 50% OFF a Kudose V-Tech Organization Bag when you BUY a Test Kit or a Kleanbowl Starter kit in any size.
  • Kudose V-Tech Organizer Bag / Starter Kit comes with 1 Kudose V-Tech Pill Crusher / Splitter, a 25-pack of crushing pouches, and a Pet Pilling Concierge pill organizing guide.
  • Accurate Doses: Precision blade, resealable crushing pouches, and Pet Pilling Concierge ensure every pet gets the right dose at the right time.
  • Pets Cannot Spit Out Crushed Pills: Mix crushed pill in resealable crushing pouch with treat, food, and/or water to easily create a pill concealer, then serve to pet.
  • SAVE between 11-15% vs. purchasing a 2-pack Kleanbowl and 50-pack Refills separately
  • SPILL-PROOF: Heavy-duty Frame holds Refill in place with anti-skid rubber ring
  • Germ-resistant Frame is WIPE-CLEAN, and dishwasher-safe if needed
  • Germ-free Refills Guarantee healthier hydration, nutrition, and oral wellness
  • Recycling sugar cane fiber Refills in the paper stream creates LESS WASTE than washing.