Kleanbowl™ – The Healthier Pet Bowl

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You love your pet! The Kleanbowl promotes a healthy lifestyle & WHOLE-BODY HEALTH by eliminating germs commonly found in ordinary pet bowls. 

Designed with VETERINARIANS, the Kinn Kleanbow is the recipient of multiple Veterinary and Industry awards.

Kinn Kleanbowl .  KLEAN MATTERS.  Kleanbowl is Preferred by Pets and their People.  Our pets have a heightened sense of smell and  can taste the germs left behind in their food and water bowls.

Bacteria causes 3 of the top 6 pet illnesses – 67% bowls still have Salmonella after dishwasher cleaning because dishwashers do not get hot enough to kill several forms of bacteria, including Salmonella.

ECO-FRIENDLY-Recyclable & convenient inner food/water bowls provide a clean bowl for each meal.

The Kinn Kleanbowls comes  with 7 Nourish Pet Refill bowls for your convenience.  DON’T FORGET TO ORDER A 50 PACK OF NOURISH PET REFILL BOWLS TODAY.