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Jun 30, 2014

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Koala™ Plush-Comfort Collar
The unsurpassed comfort that you and your pet deserve. Super soft Fleece line is all that touches your best friend. Velcro tag silencer keeps tags away from your pet’s skin and fur while stopping the clanking. Non-slip adjustment so that collar doesn’t loosen up or fall off. Crafted from premium materials with reflective patch, as well as separate stainless steel rings for leach and tags. Available is 4 sizes S, M, L and XL.

Krocodile® – Pill Splitter and Crusher
Easy to use – For splitting, simply place a pill in the work area and close the Krocodile. For crushing, place a pill in a Kroc Belly pouch and close the Krocodile using the crush plate. The Krocodile converts from splitter to crusher in one easy step by flipping over the crush plate.

Less clean up and reduced health risk – Using a Kroc Belly pouch to crush a pill means less clean up while also reducing the risk of cross-contamination between pets and pills and ensuring they get their full dose. Also works well for many people pills.


Featured in print June/July 2014 Issue of Bird Dog & Retriever News

Bird Dog & Retriever News focuses on hunting dogs. Topics covered include hunting equipment, dog training, hunting stories and dog photography. It is published by Bird Dog & Retriever News.
Circulation: Online
Koala article – click here
Krocodile article – click here

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